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    Residence burglary, 2200 prohibit Galbreth Rd., including 10:30 a.m. and 12:55 g.m. Suspect(s) entered the residential unit by tearing a person's screen of great open rear tab. Loss: white pearl necklace.

    Ray-Ban sunglasses have made several appearances within Hollywood movies because Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blues Brothers, Precarious Business, Top Marker & Men In Black. Chief executive of US Barack obama has also become spotted many events wearing Ray-Ban colored glasses. Even Michael Jackson played a vital role in promoting appeal of Ray-Ban sunglasses in 1990's.

    As much as My spouse and i liked the first 'Men in Black,' I thought those sequel was damaging. But I'll divulge that seeing Likely will Smith don the very black suit and after that sunglasses once far reminded me merely how fun the first film simply was.

    Break-ins from a vehicle, 2300 block Garfias Dr., between 5:30 p.m. Sunday and 8:30 a new.m. Tuesday. Suspect(s) registered by shattering person's side window having a brick. Loss: black Garmin Device GPS and doctor prescribed Ray-Ban glasses.

    Housing burglary, 600 mass E. Mariposa St., 10:45-11 a suitable.m. Suspect entered residence by removing rear window screens. The victim is at the bedroom once the suspect began in order to really kick in bed door. Pondering about it was its roommate, the injured person shouted, 'What!' as well as the suspect ran down the stairs. A moment later, the sorry victim came out belonging to the bedroom to look at the residence, found the window screens removed, as well called the industry experts. Loss: Apple LED monitor, black Dell Vestro 1400 laptop, gray Wacom Intuos 3, Sony Playstation 2, currency.

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