• Because we find to get fishing!
    Summertime is a good time for you to give our weekly serving people a break, inviting the church for you to step up and stay in the gap for them while they relaxation and refresh for the summer with their family members! And yes! That means that every single May, we start to strategically request a whole fresh group of “Summer Serve” people to help jump on in!
    Summer Serve has become a strategic part of our ministry rhythm! We now have learned inside the past seven summers that that not simply affords our leaders a break, but this gives us the opportunity to meet a whole new “pond” of people to fish from!
    What does someone mean by that? All year long, our people experience incredible teaching and worship in “big church.” God is working in them and growing them into the likeness of Jesus! In some point, people will be ready for you to take a step of faith to a offering role, and now we have found that Summer Serve is an excellent time for them to help make that first step out of their chairs and into service!
    What do we do? We put a laser focus on the helping experience in the summertime. We want brand new people to realize that providing is a joy. These come in willing so that you can help! But if they experience Jesus working through them impacting kids, we hear them say: “I didn’t know the idea was like this!” “I adored it; when will most likely I do this again?”
    Every single Sunday, we pray “God, specify me today who so that you can tap into on the bare and invite into service!” The idea never fails. He does. Every week, someone shines! And now we compel. And that we wait uncover what God does! People come again. We obtain to view them and encourage them again. And by the actual in the summer, we don’t even need to fish—they are jumping into the boat! And our rosters are full of fresh people in order to love on for the new season! And the “old” people return too!

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