• Reflexology will facilitate to bring the body back into balance by serving to to reduce stress, improve circulation and boost lymphatic function. There are thousands of nerve endings in the feet and these are interconnected to different body systems via the spinal twine and brain. A reflex is truly a reflection of an organ or body system located at a particular region on the foot or hand.

    One of the electronic marvels contained in the DR 7700 is the Stiffness detector. The stiffness detector is a derivative of lie detector technology. It reads your pulse rate and your perspiration level. It senses changes in these two parameters and then correlates where tension and stiffness may reside in your body. The massage is then tailored to relieve these areas.

    Of the countless massage parlours within Pattaya, they all basically fall into two categories either traditional Thai massage or for a better word just plain sleaze. In fact it is really five different types, being Thai traditional all over body massage, foot and leg, face, sleaze or soapy massage.

    Apart from the above health benefits, foot reflexology also helps a person enjoy sound sleep and develop peace of mind, which ultimately leads to increased energy in the person. A foot reflexology therapy can be painful for some people due to pressure intolerance. Such people should inform the reflexologist of their low tolerance to pressure so that he can make appropriate pressure adjustments. Taking up a foot reflexology massage does not mean you need to suffer from an ailment, you can simply enjoy it to de-stress yourself and feel rejuvenated!

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    You can expect to be pampered on a stay at Cobblers Cove. The hotel offers exotic spa treatments for guests of all ages. Try a facial treatment, a relaxing foot Massage, or a detoxifying body wrap. The spa is the favourite place for parents to unwind after a long day spent living it up in the sunshine.

    The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) is the only national certifying group of massage therapists in the United States. This is the test that professional massage therapists take in the US even if their states don't offer licensure, in an effort to demonstrate their knowledge. Over 34 U.S. states currently use it as a requirement for their state license as well. The certification earned by successful completion of the NCBTMB exam produced by the NCBTMB is NCTMB.

    The 'relaxation' massage is a smooth and easy flowing style that helps the person to generally relax and greatly improves blood circulation. Kneading movements are applied to increase range of movement and relieve muscular and tissue tension. The 'remedial' massage is part of paramedical treatment. It helps in the restoration of the function of injured muscles, tendons and ligaments and is aimed at assisting quick recovery. The popular 'sports' massage is a very effective combination of different kneading techniques. Its overall aim is to enhance the sportsman's performance on the field and recoup from muscular tension.

    Due to hectic regimens and constant sports events, athletes may endure injuries that may lead to tightening of muscle tissues, making them stiff resulting in swelling and discomfort in the specific area. The lymphatic massage triggers efficient lymphatic flow to help the system get rid of toxins and edema due to which the swelling persists.

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