• Romantic-Movie Cred: There's the adorable" Never Been Kissed" 1999, the goofy" The Wedding Singer" 1998, the amnesia-themed" 50 First Dates, but the balance of comedy and romance and the on-screen chemistry is perfection here. She has been nominated three other times, for" Gosford Park" 2001," The Madness of King George" 1994, and just this past year for" The Last Station. During the weeklong stay, they both fall in love at first sight in New York. Hearing this Victor is enraged but in the end, Diane Keaton's character finally finds the love of her life to her colorful Greek family.

    There are countless of romantic comedies on the shelf; however, finding the romantic movie that will make you laughFour ChristmasesFour Christmases 2008 is downright hilarious with cracking performances by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. It was nominated for five Academy Awards. Although it sounds clique it is the story of a young man fighting his own demons to complete Navy Flight school and Debra Winger is the woman who loves him. And it does not define a film as the greatest romantic film just because it does.

    As a result of the journey to help the woman find her lost love, she revisits things about herself, becomes inspired, and like me remembers what real love looks, smells, tastes, sounds, and feels like. Harry makes stringent efforts to get in touch with his ex-wife, so he has to resort to sending her letters through a friend. The hilarious film follows her attempt to bring them together and reconnect with her own culture in the process. He likes action, you like art house and she likes blockbusters, you like weepies and he likes comedy, you like weepies and he likes sci-fi fantasy?

    Richard Gere actually plays the piano, Julia Roberts flashes that stunning smile, and the sincerity of a relationship that is founded in years of friendship that lifts this classic rom-com above all the others. Even if Willis had accepted the role, as did Molly Ringwald.

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