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    Trang 5 PROCESSING Bridges and crowns made of zirconium oxide are individual precision items and can easily be processed.

    PREPARATION General -preparation suitable for ceramic, i.e. avoids sharp corners, edges and internal corners -circular chamfers with cervical edge of at least 0.8 mm -circular shoulder with rounded internal corners -occulusal and incisal reduction for faced crowns: 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm -minimum stump height: 3 mm

    Contraindications are: -deep cavities in the occlusal area -rising chamfers (gutter preparation) -finished margins

    PREPARATION THE FRAMEWORK After examining the fit, contact points and occlusion, the inner surfaces of the crown are cleaned using corundum blasting (aluminium oxide, 110 micromi, pressure 2 bar) followed by evaporation

    FIXING Conventional cementing Due to the high degree of rigidity and stability of Ceramill ZI frameworks, conventional fixing with -zinc oxide phosphate cement or -glass ionomer luting (e.g. GC Fuji Plus) is possible in most cases With conventional cementing, make sure that there is sufficient retention and that the minimum stump height is 3 mm

    Adhesive fixing For adhensive fixing, we recommend the fixing composites Panavia 21 or Panavia F 2.0 due to their excellent adhensive with the zirconium oxide framework material

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