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    u r welcome, tớ dịch từa lưa thoai mà, xấu hổ quá :(

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    Thank you for what you have thought for me. Today I have decided to review lessons for my university entrance exam one year again and continue to try to challenge myself in the next year. I will try to study and follow the path that God led me because I know that it was God's plan. I don't know how tomorrow is but I'm sure that there is a God who is watching me day by day. He sees all my efforts although many people think that I am actually useless . But I realize that to him, I am his child and He will bless for me. So I'll go and listen to his instruction everyday. God also is with you in everything you do. If it's really the path God chooses for you, I am confident that all things are useful for who loves God. God may bless and be with your course. I am going to receive the gift which is your smile and I'll smile every day and learn to love people as God loves me. Pray that God stays with your family,too. Mình dịch qua như vậy thui, bạn chuốt lại cho mượt dùm mình nhá....>:D<

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