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    Michelle Baoumgren Front Office Manager Majestic Hotels PO Box 370 Rundle Mall SA 5000 Dear Michelle, I am very interested in the position of Guest Service Agent at the Majestic Hotels. I am willing to undertake further training as required to develop appropriate knowledge and skills in order to adapt to the hotel policy. As I am flexible and a quick learner, I am confidently say that I am easily to adapt to new working environment, therefore I believe my experiences and capabilities will satisfy the position’s requirements. The Majestic Hotels are particularly interesting to me. From my research, I realize that Majestic Hotels are a South Australian growing hotel brand, which focuses on the highest quality of services to ensure true and lasting customer loyalty. This vision statement resonates with me as it engenders trust and long-term customer relationships and would allow me to apply the communication, team-working and problem-solving skills, which I have developed through both my studies and my past employment experience. As a Guest Service Attendant for the last 6 months, I have developed my skills by working collaboratively with managerial people and staff. I have also demonstrated my skills in working within a customer service environment and dealing with complaints, taking responsibility for my own actions and spending great effort to obtain new skills. Thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing my application. My resume is attached as requested. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate myself further at an interview, and I am looking forward to be contacted on 04 2345 0072. Yours sincerely, Trang Nguyen

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    Blog 2: Inter-personal relationships In our Food and Beverage Practical class this week, my group and I have a chance to practice of how to set up a restaurant, carry plates and how to serve guests when they come to the restaurant in a professional way. This is the fifth week that my group has been working together, therefore, there is no such thing call language barrier when we communicate to others. I’m so glad when we can work as a team so well, everybody helps each other. I still remember that me and Erik was pretended as guests, while Yessica was a waitress and had to serve, when she forgot to bring our drinks before bring out the food, we reminded her about each step in serving customer. Even though our friendship were built up slowly due to different personalities, cultural, etc. Few weeks ago, I was only talking to Nova, my lovely friend from China, until this week, I am starting talk to other people in my group, although it was some greeting when we first met. It made me so happy of how friendly and enthusiasm my friends are. Hopefully, our friendship will get better Food and Beverage Practical class next week.

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