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    Display Set Changes SmartPlant Review contains the following display set behavioral changes. Unlimited number of user-defined display sets DesignReview is limited to 500 user-defined display sets per .DST file. A project can have multiple .DST files, if needed. In DesignReview, the memory for these display sets is allocated during each DesignReview session even if no display sets are defined. SmartPlant Review removes these restrictions by supporting an unlimited number of user-defined display sets and creating a memory management scheme that allocates memory only for those display sets that exist. Restrictions removed regarding display set user assigned ids In DesignReview, the user cannot assign a display set ID outside the range of 1 - 500. To provide the ability to assign display set ids with meaningful criteria based upon their particular discipline, usually the key in some foreign database table, SmartPlant Review allows the user to determine the numbering for the display sets. The user ID number is no longer restricted to 1-500. Lowest user ID number determines controlling display set In DesignReview, the display set with the highest user ID number takes precedence. In SmartPlant Review, the display set with the lowest user ID number is the controlling display set. Do not assign display set user id numbers starting at 1 When assigning display set user id numbers in SmartPlant Review, start display set numbers at a high number to allow manipulation at a future date. Do not start at 1 since a display set with a user ID number = 1 has the highest priority and would prevent you from creating a controlling display set down the road. In other words, the controlling display set would not be able to take priority because the lowest number is already in use. The project length will need to be taken into consideration when the start number is determined. A number of 1000 or greater is recommended.

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