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       Whistling ducks: The Vietnamese name for the whistling duck is Le nâu, which roughly means 'brown teal/duck'. Also called the Chim le le.
       Swans: Swans do not occur naturally in Vietnam. Dictionaries give several names for them, several of which mean 'sky duck'. The most accurate term is probably the Chinese loan word Thiên nga (i.e. 天鹅 'sky goose').
       Geese: Geese are known as Ngỗng in Vietnamese (sometimes Ngổng). Another name for wild geese is Hồng (from Chinese 鸿 hóng).
       Ducks: The general word for 'duck' is Vịt.
       Wild ducks are known as Vịt trời 'wild duck' or Vịt nước 'water duck', also called variously Mòng két, Le, Le le , and Le te. The latter are used for several types of teal.
       The word Ngan is used for the White-winged duck or Wood duck, Cairina scutulata, and other members of the genus.

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