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    Dòng 37: Dòng 37:
    ::chăm sóc ai
    ::chăm sóc ai
    ===hình thái từ===
    ===hình thái từ===
    *V-ing: [[attending]]
    *V-ed: [[attended]]
    *V-ed: [[attended]]

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    Thông dụng

    Ngoại động từ

    Dự, có mặt
    to attend a meeting
    dự một cuộc họp
    Chăm sóc, phục vụ, phục dịch
    to attend a patient
    chăm sóc người bệnh
    Đi theo, đi kèm, theo hầu, hộ tống
    to attend somebody to the airport
    đi theo ai ra sân bay
    success attends hard work
    thành công kèm theo sự làm việc tích cực; làm việc tích cực đem lại sự thành công

    Nội động từ

    ( + at) dự, có mặt
    to attend at a meeting
    có mặt tại buổi họp
    ( (thường) + to) chú trọng, chăm lo
    to attend to one's work
    chú trọng đến công việc của mình
    to attend to the education of one's children
    chăm lo đến việc giáo dục con cái
    ( + on, upon) chăm sóc, phục vụ, phục dịch
    to attend on (upon) someone
    chăm sóc ai

    hình thái từ

    Xây dựng

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    Kinh tế

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    có mặt

    Nguồn khác

    • attend : Corporateinformation

    Đồng nghĩa Tiếng Anh


    Be present (at), go to, be at, appear (at), put in anappearance (at), turn up (at), haunt, frequent; sit in (on), USand Canadian audit: Are you attending the concert? She attendsMiss Fiennes's elocution class. 2 turn to, pay attention to,serve, tend to, take care of, deal with, handle, heed, fulfil:I shall attend to your request as soon as possible, Madam.
    Also, attend to. watch over, wait on or upon, care for, takecare of, minister to, occupy oneself with, look after, look outfor, devote oneself to: Mrs Atterbury attends the patients inthe cancer ward on weekdays. The clergyman has his own flock toattend to. 4 escort, accompany, conduct, convoy, squire, usher,wait upon, follow; chaperon or chaperone: The actress arrived,attended by her entourage of toadies.
    Be associated with,accompany, result in or from, give rise to: A departure in themidst of the battle would be attended by great peril, Milord.



    Tr. a be present at (attended the meeting). b goregularly to (attends the local school).
    Intr. a be present(many members failed to attend). b be present in a servingcapacity; wait.
    A tr. escort, accompany (the king wasattended by soldiers). b intr. (foll. by on) wait on; serve.
    Intr. a (usu. foll. by to) turn or apply one's mind; focusone's attention (attend to what I am saying; was not attending).b (foll. by to) deal with (shall attend to the matter myself).5 tr. (usu. in passive) follow as a result from (the error wasattended by serious consequences).
    Attender n. [ME f. OFatendre f. L attendere (as AD-, tendere tent- stretch)]

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