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    Thông dụng

    Tính từ

    Chậm, muộn, trễ
    to be late for school
    đi học trễ
    to be late for work
    đi làm muộn
    late repentance
    sự hối hận muộn mằn
    the late twentieth century
    cuối thế kỷ hai mươi
    Đã chết, quá cố
    their late mother
    người mẹ quá cố của họ
    Cựu, nguyên
    the late chairman of the Board of Management attended the meeting
    cựu chủ tịch hội đồng quản trị cũng đến dự cuộc họp

    Phó từ

    Muộn, trễ, chậm
    to rise up late
    dậy trễ, dậy muộn
    to arrive late
    đến muộn, đến trễ
    late in the night
    vào lúc đêm khuya
    late in 1995
    cuối năm 1995

    Cấu trúc từ

    at the latest
    chậm nhất là..., trễ nhất là....., muộn nhất là.....
    I have to finish this homework at midnight at the latest
    tôi phải làm xong bài tập này chậm nhất là vào lúc nửa đêm
    to have a late night
    đi ngủ trễ, ngủ muộn
    It's never too late to mend
    Phục thiện bản thân mình thì không lúc nào gọi là muộn cả
    better late than never
    muộn còn hơn không đến, có còn hơn không
    late in the day
    quá trễ, quá muộn
    it is late in the day to say that you want to care for your mother, because she has been dead
    bây giờ nói anh muốn lo cho mẹ thì đã quá muộn, vì mẹ đã mất rồi
    soon or late, sooner or later
    trước sau gì cũng..., sớm muộn gì cũng.....

    Hình thái từ

    Toán & tin

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    chậm, cuối, sau

    Kỹ thuật chung

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    late admission
    nạp khí chậm
    late binding
    sự liên kết chậm
    late cutoff
    đóng chậm

    Đồng nghĩa Tiếng Anh


    Tardy, delayed, overdue, behindhand, dilatory,unpunctual; belated, US past due: He was even late for his ownwedding. Better late than never. Your mortgage payment is lateagain. 2 recent, last, new, fresh, current, up to date: Haveyou got a copy of a late edition of today's newspaper?
    Deceased, departed, dead; former, past, ex-, recent, previous,preceding, old (See also 5., below.): Here is a song by thelate, great Bing Crosby. He has a meeting with Lord Pamby, latechairman of United Oxidation. 4 of late. See 5., below.
    Recently, lately, previously, formerly, once,heretofore, in recent or former time(s), of late, latterly (Seealso 3., above.): They are dining tonight with Sir Keith, lateof Scotland Yard.
    Till or at an advanced hour or time: I wasup late last night. She married late.
    Tardily, unpunctually,belatedly: We arrived too late for the first act.
    Recently,lately: As late as a week ago they were still holding the jobopen for her.


    Adj. & adv.

    After the due or usual time; occurring ordone after the proper time (late for dinner; a late milkdelivery).
    A far on in the day or night or in a specifiedtime or period. b far on in development.
    Flowering orripening towards the end of the season (late strawberries).
    (prec. by the or my, his, etc.) no longer alive or having thespecified status (my late husband; the late president).
    Ofrecent date (the late storms).
    After the due or usualtime (arrived late).
    Far on in time (this happened later on).3 at or till a late hour.
    At a late stage of development.
    Formerly but not now (late of the Scillies).
    Lateness n. [OE l‘t(adj.), late (adv.) f. Gmc]

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