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    ==Thông dụng==
    ==Thông dụng==

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    /Phiên âm này đang chờ bạn hoàn thiện/
    /Phiên âm này đang chờ bạn hoàn thiện/

    Thông dụng

    Tính từ

    Số hai
    he is two
    nó lên hai
    (trong từ ghép) có hai cái thuộc một thứ nào đó
    blue and white two-tone shoes
    giầy hai màu xanh và trắng
    two-room flat
    một căn hộ hai buồng
    Cặp, đôi
    by/in twos and threes
    từng hai ba cái, hai ba cái một lúc
    a day two
    một vài ngày
    a moment two
    một vài lúc
    a pound two
    một vài pao
    in two
    làm đôi; thành hai phần
    it takes two to do something
    (tục ngữ) tại anh tại ả; tại cả đôi bên
    put two and two together
    cứ thế mà suy ra
    that makes two of us
    (thông tục) hai chúng ta là một

    Danh từ

    Số hai ( 2)
    Đôi, cặp
    in twos; two and two; two by two
    từng đôi một, từng cặp một
    one or two
    một vài
    Quân hai (quân bài); con hai (súc sắc...)
    in two twos
    trong nháy mắt, chỉ trong một loáng

    Toán & tin

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    một cặp, một đôi
    số hai

    Nguồn khác


    N. & adj.

    One more than one; the sum of one unit andanother unit.
    A symbol for this (2, ii, II).
    A size etc.denoted by two.
    The time of two oclock (is it two yet?).
    A set of two.
    A card with two pips.
    Adj. that amount totwo.
    In two in or into two pieces. in two shakes (or ticks)see SHAKE, TICK(1). or two denoting several (a thing or two =several things). put two and two together make (esp. anobvious) inference from what is known or evident. that makestwo of us colloq. that is true of me also. two-bit US colloq.cheap, petty. two-by-four a length of timber with a rectangularcross-section 2 in. by 4 in. two by two (or two and two) inpairs. two can play at that game colloq. another personsbehaviour can be copied to that persons disadvantage.two-dimensional 1 having or appearing to have length and breadthbut no depth.
    Lacking depth or substance; superficial.two-edged double-edged. two-faced 1 having two faces.
    Insincere; deceitful. two-handed 1 having, using, or requiringthe use of two hands.
    (of a card-game) for two players. twoa penny see PENNY. two-piece adj. (of a suit etc.) consistingof two matching items.
    N. a two-piece suit etc. two-ply adj.of two strands, webs, or thicknesses.
    Two-ply wool.
    Two-ply wood made by gluing together two layers with the grainin different directions. two-seater 1 a vehicle or aircraftwith two seats.
    A sofa etc. for two people. two-sided 1having two sides.
    Having two aspects; controversial.two-step a round dance with a sliding step in march or polkatime. two-stroke esp. Brit. (of an internal-combustionengine) having its power cycle completed in one up-and-downmovement of the piston. two-time colloq.
    Deceive or beunfaithful to (esp. a partner or lover).
    Swindle,double-cross. two-timer colloq. a person who is deceitful orunfaithful. two-tone having two colours or sounds. two-upAustral. & NZ a gambling game with bets placed on a showing oftwo heads or two tails. two-way 1 involving two ways orparticipants.
    (of a switch) permitting a current to beswitched on or off from either of two points.
    (of a radio)capable of transmitting and receiving signals.
    (of a tapetc.) permitting fluid etc. to flow in either of two channels ordirections.
    (of traffic etc.) moving in two esp. oppositedirections. two-way mirror a panel of glass that can be seenthrough from one side and is a mirror on the other. two-wheelera vehicle with two wheels. [OE twa (fem. & neut.), tu (neut.),with Gmc cognates and rel. to Skr. dwau, dwe, Gk & L duo]

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