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    Dòng 11: Dòng 11:
    ===N?i d?ng t?===
    ===N?i d?ng t?===
    =====( + up, out, forth) phun ra, v?t ra, tuôn ra (nu?c, nu?c m?t, máu)=====
    =====(+ up, out, forth) phun ra, vọt ra, tuôn ra (nước, nước mắt, máu)=====
    ::[[tears]] [[welled]] [[from]] [[he]] [[eyes]]; [[tears]] [[welled]] [[up]] [[in]] [[her]] [[eyes]]
    ::[[tears]] [[welled]] [[from]] [[he]] [[eyes]]; [[tears]] [[welled]] [[up]] [[in]] [[her]] [[eyes]]
    ::nu?c m?t cô ta tuôn ra
    ::nước mắt cô ta tuôn ra
    ===Phó t? .better; .best===
    ===Phó t? .better; .best===

    10:52, ngày 23 tháng 11 năm 2007

    /Phiên âm này đang chờ bạn hoàn thiện/

    Thông dụng

    N?i d?ng t?

    (+ up, out, forth) phun ra, vọt ra, tuôn ra (nước, nước mắt, máu)
    tears welled from he eyes; tears welled up in her eyes
    nước mắt cô ta tuôn ra

    Phó t? .better; .best

    T?t, gi?i, hay
    to work well
    làm vi?c gi?i
    to sing well
    hát hay
    to sleep well
    ng? t?t (ngon)
    very well
    t?t l?m, hay l?m, gi?i l?m, du?c l?m
    to treat someone well
    d?i x? t?t v?i ai
    to think well of someone
    nghi t?t v? ai
    to speak well of someone
    nói t?t v? ai
    to stand well with someone
    du?c ai quý m?n
    well done!
    hay l?m! hoan hô!
    well met!
    ? may quá, dang mu?n g?p anh d?y!
    Phong luu, sung túc
    to live well in...
    s?ng sung túc (phong luu) ?...
    to do well
    làm an kh?m khá phát d?t
    to be well off
    phong luu, sung túc
    H?p lý, chính dáng, ph?i, dúng
    you may well say so
    anh có th? nói nhu th? du?c l?m
    he did well to return it
    nó dem tr? l?i cái dó là ph?i l?m
    to stir well
    xáo d?ng nhi?u
    to be well on in life
    không còn tr? n?a, dã lu?ng tu?i r?i
    K?, rõ, sâu s?c
    to know someone well
    bi?t rõ ai
    rub it well
    hãy c? th?t k? cái dó
    the aggressors ought to be well beaten before they give up their scheme
    ph?i dánh cho b?n xâm lu?c m?t tr?n nên thân tru?c khi chúng t? b? âm muu
    as well
    cung, cung du?c, không h?i gì
    you can take him as well
    anh có th? dua nó di v?i
    you may as well begin at once
    anh có th? b?t d?u ngay cung du?c
    as well as
    nhu, cung nhu, ch?ng khác gì
    by day as well as by night
    ngày cung nhu dêm
    Và còn thêm
    we gave him money as well as food
    chúng tôi cho nó ti?n và còn thêm cái an n?a
    pretty well
    h?u nhu

    Tính t? .better; .best

    T?t; t?t lành
    things are well with you
    anh du?c m?i s? t?t lành; m?i vi?c c?a anh d?u ?n c?
    T?t, hay, dúng lúc, h?p th?i, nên, c?n
    It's well that you have come
    Anh d?n th?t là t?t
    it would be well to start early
    có l? nên ra di s?m
    Kho?, m?nh kho?, m?nh gi?i
    to feel quite well
    c?m th?y r?t kho?
    to get well
    dã kh?i (ngu?i ?m)
    May, may m?n
    it was well for him that nobody saw him
    may mà không ai th?y nó
    It's (that's) all very well but...
    (m?a mai) hay d?y, nhung...

    Thán t?

    Quái, l? quá (dùng d? di?n d?t s? ng?c nhiên)
    well, who would have thought it would happen?
    quái!, ai nào có tu?ng là vi?c ?y có th? x?y ra du?c?
    Ôi, may quá (dùng d? di?n d?t s? khây kho?)
    well, thank goodness that's ober!
    ôi on chúa vi?c dó cung dã qua!
    well, here we are last!
    may quá cu?i cùng chúng tôi cung dã d?n dây!
    D?y, th? d?y
    well, here we are at last
    d?y, cu?i cùng chúng ta dã d?n dây
    Th? nào, sao
    well what about it?
    th? nào, v? di?m ?y thì nghi sao?
    well then?
    r?i sao?
    Thôi, h?t r?i (dùng d? di?n d?t s? cam ch?u) (nhu) oh well
    well, such is life!
    thôi, d?i là th?!
    oh well, there's nothing we can do about it
    thôi, chúng ta ch?ng th? làm gì du?c n?a
    Thôi du?c (dùng khi (nhu) ?ng b? m?t di?m trong tranh lu?n..)
    well, you may be right!
    thôi du?c, có th? là anh dúng!
    well, well, don't cry!
    thôi nào, thôi nào, d?ng khóc n?a!
    Du?c r?i (dùng d? di?n d?t s? d?ng ý ho?c hi?u) (nhu) very well
    very well, then. I'll accept your offer
    du?c r?i, tôi s? ch?p thu?n d? ngh? c?a anh
    Nào (dùng khi mu?n ti?p t?c câu chuy?n.. ho?c thay d?i d? tài sau khi t?m ngung)
    well, as I was saying...
    nào, nhu tôi v?a m?i nói...
    well, let's move on to the next item
    nào, chúng ta hãy chuy?n sang m?c ti?p theo
    ?, v?y thì (dùng d? di?n d?t s? ng?n ng?i, nghi ng?..)
    'do you want to come? ' well - I'm not sure
    Anh có mu?n d?n không? ? - tôi cung chua ch?c n?a
    well I never (did)!
    (thông t?c) th? co à! (dùng (nhu) m?t l?i c?m thán di?n d?t s? ng?c nhiên thú v? ho?c phi?n mu?n)

    Danh t?

    Di?u t?t, di?u hay, di?u lành, di?u thi?n
    to wish someone well
    chúc ai g?p di?u t?t lành
    to let well alone
    dã t?t r?i không ph?i xen vào n?a; d?ng có ch?a l?n lành thành l?n què

    Danh t?

    Gi?ng (nu?c, d?u...)
    to bore a well
    khoan gi?ng
    to sink a well
    dào gi?ng
    (nghia bóng) ngu?n (c?m h?ng, h?nh phúc)
    (ki?n trúc) l?ng c?u thang
    L? (m?c)
    (hàng h?i) khoang cá (trong thuy?n dánh cá); bu?ng máy bom (trên tàu)
    Ch? ng?i c?a các lu?t su (toà án)
    (hàng không) ch? phi công ng?i
    (d?a lý,d?a ch?t) ngu?n nu?c, su?i nu?c
    (ngành m?) h?m, lò

    Hình thái từ

    V_ed :welled

    Xây dựng

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    giếng cầu thang

    Giải thích EN: A vertical open area or shaft in a building that extends vertically from the floor to the roof to accommodate stairs or an elevator.

    Giải thích VN: Một khu vực không gian mở, thẳng đứng, thoáng trong một tòa nhà từ sàn đến mái để chứa cầu thang.

    Kỹ thuật chung

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    lỗ khoan
    lồng cầu thang
    lồng thang máy

    Giải thích EN: A hole that is dug in the earth to gain access to water, oil, brine, gas, or the like.

    Giải thích VN: Một lỗ được đào trong lòng đất để tiếp cận nguồn nước, dầu, nước biển, khí ga, v.v.

    giếng khoan
    giếng lấy ánh sáng
    mạch nước

    Kinh tế

    Nghĩa chuyên ngành

    bể rửa
    thùng dự trữ

    Nguồn khác

    • well : Corporateinformation

    Đồng nghĩa Tiếng Anh


    Satisfactorily, sufficiently, adequately, agreeably,nicely, (well) enough, Colloq OK or okay: Alan is doing wellthese days.
    Successfully, famously, marvellously,wonderfully, fabulously, incredibly, splendidly, admirably,spectacularly, excellently, superbly: Barbara and David reallyget along well together.
    Articulately, understandably,expressively, correctly, accurately, properly, proficiently,effectively, artistically, poetically; grammatically: Henrywill make a good announcer because he speaks well.
    Comfortably, luxuriously, prosperously, extravagantly, showily,pretentiously, ostentatiously, sumptuously, grandly, opulently:How can Rita live so well with no visible income? Living well isthe best revenge. 5 graciously, kindly, highly, favourably,glowingly, approvingly, warmly, genially, cordially, amiably,kind-heartedly, warm-heartedly, affectionately, lovingly:Rudolph has always spoken well of you, Aileen.
    Skilfully,expertly, adeptly, proficiently, ably: Does Anne play wellenough to compete professionally? Paul sings well. 7 far, by along way, immeasurably, (very) much; far and away, definitely,positively, obviously, clearly, plainly, manifestly, evidently,unquestionably, decidedly, beyond (the shadow of a) doubt,Colloq by a long chalk: Keep well away from the fuel tankbefore lighting that cigarette. She is well beyond the beginnerstage. This painting is well worth what you paid. 8good-naturedly, equably, coolly, serenely, calmly, soberly,unexcitedly, sedately: Burt took the bad news about his carvery well.
    Likely, probably, in all probability, doubtlessly,without doubt, not unexpectedly, indeed: He might well say heneeds no help.
    Easily, without difficulty: Though he gaveher the money, he could not well spare it.
    Completely,entirely, wholly: Before she could well finish her sentence, hewas out of the house.
    Thoroughly (cooked), (cooked) throughand through, completely (cooked): He likes his roast beef welldone.
    Intimately, closely, familiarly, personally;thoroughly, profoundly, soundly, fully: Do you know Boris well?I learnt my lesson well.
    Fairly, justly, suitably, properly,adequately, reasonably, fully, generously, amply: James is wellpaid for his work.
    Happily, mercifully, fortunately,luckily: After the divorce, both said they were well rid ofeach other.
    Healthy, fit, hale, robust, vigorous, hearty, in fineor good fettle, Colloq in good shape: Wendy felt really wellafter her holiday.
    Satisfactory, pleasing, agreeable, good,right, all right, fine, proper, OK or okay: When he phoned theoffice, they told him all was well.

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