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    1. A business that delivers access to the Internet, usually for a monthly fee. Or any business that provides Internet services such as web sites or web site development.

    2. A collection of protocols that define the basic workings of the features of the Internet.

    3. A computer language that programmers utilize to create programs. C, Perl, Java, BASIC, and COBOL are examples of these.

    4. A computer that provides information to client machines.

    5. A dated operating system for PCs that features a command line interface.

    6. A device that enables a computer to send and receive information over a telephone line.

    7. A file that is embedded into an email mesage.

    8. A group of computers or devices that are connected together for the exchange of data and sharing of resources.

    9. A holding area that temporarily stores information copied or cut from a document.

    10. A java program which is designed to run only a web page.

    11. A large collection of data that has been formatted by some user-defined standard.

    12. A private long distance network that users leased lines to connect computers or Lans.

    13. A problem with computer software or hardware that causes it to malfunction or crash.

    14. A procedure that renders the contents of a message or file unintelligible to anyone not authorized to read it.

    15. A pro in the form of a series of binary codes that are understandable by the CPU.

    16. A program or web site that enables users to search for keywords on web pages throughout the World Wide Web.

    17. A scripting language that allows lines of Java code to be inserted into HTML scripts.

    18. A secret code that you utilize along with your user ID in order to log on to a network.

    19. A series of instructrions that tell a computer what to do.

    20. A series of rules and conventions that allow different kinds of computers and applications to communicate over a network.

    21. A server which contains aduplicate of another WWW or FTP site.

    22. A set of security procedures that separates and protects data on a LAN from crackers who might access the LAN from the Internet.

    23. A standard method of connecting computers to a local area network uíng coaxial cable invented by Robert Metcalfe at Xerox PARC in the early 1970s.

    24. A string of four numbers separated by periods (such as used to represent a computer on the Internet.

    25. A technology that reduces the size of a file.

    26. A type of LAN with nodes wired into a ring.

    27. A web browser application from Netscape.

    28. A worldwide network of networks that all use the TCP/IP communications protocol and share a common address space.

    29. An addressing scheme used bu World Wide Web browsers to locate resources on the Internet.

    30. AN application used to view and navigate the Work Wide Web and other Internet resources.

    31. An inidious and usually illegal computer program that is designed to replicate itself over a network for the purpose of causing harm and/or destrution.

    32. An Internet protocol that enables you to transfer files between computer on the Internet.

    33. Any computer system that requests a service of another computer system.

    34. Authentication. The verification of the identity of a person or process.

    35. Browsing or exploring a network of the World Wide Web to find places of interest, usually without a specific goal in mind.

    36. Currently connected to a host, or connected to a computer network.

    37. Ensuring that private information remains private in an atmosphere where all other information is free.

    38. Mathematical base 2, or numbers composed of a series of zeros and ones.

    39. Not connected to a computer network.

    40. Shareware that is openly available to the public without the requirement of user registration fee.

    41. Small files that are downloaded to your computer when you browse certain web pages.

    42. The amount of information or data that can be sent over a network connection in a given period of time.

    43. The free web browser application from Microsoft.

    44. The official name of a computer connected to the Internet.

    45. The protocol used by the World Wide Web to transfer HTML files.

    46. The science of sending signals representing voice, video, or data through telephone lines.

    47. The tag-based ASCII language used to create pages on the World Wide Web.

    48. Third party add-on software that adds new features to a commercial application.

    49. To move an image or a window from one place on the screen to anothe by grabbing it and pulling it to a new location.

    50. To process or run a computer program.

    51. To send a file to a network.

    52. To send a message (usually an advertisement) to many discussion groups (bulletin boards, mailing lists, and/or newgroups), without regard for its topical relevance.

    53. To start up or reset a computer.

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