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    A network = The packet...propagate A network = Serial0/0/0 A network = enable secret cangetin - interface fa0/0 A ping = The static A router = S [1/0] A router = flash A router boots = The configuration  A technician = The no shutdown  A technician  = show ip ospf, protocols, ospf interface All routers = A, F, E, D, and C All routers  = The highest IP Based on  = The login  Host A = Add...no auto-summary Host A = The Fa0/1  If the EIGRP = In a complex = R [120/1] On the basis = SCCS* - S Serial0/0/0 R1 and R2 = R2 will not R1 and R2 = R2(config)# router rip Router R1 = Router R2 = Configure a static RouterA and = The autonomous Routers R1  = The hello  The = split horizon The command  = A static, The route The hosts  = S0/0/0 interface at R1 The interfaces = Check the hello The network = Traffic for network  The network = Change the What does = The router What information = Router R2 What is = limits the What is a = support for What is the = used to announce What will = It will attempt  When would = when the  Which default = autosummarization Which IP = Which multicast  = Which of = network, wildcard, area ID Which of  = packet, path Which option = with a routing Which path = It will load balance Which prompt = Router(config-if)# Which protocol = RTP Which routing = EIGRP Which statement = RIP uses only Which summarization  = Which three = modifies, maintains, changes the source physical Which two = Routers that, The shortest Which two = OSPF, EIGRP Which two = The router ID Which two router = NVRAM, POST You have  = A network...after

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