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    5. Câu ước (loại 2, 3). Eg: “i wish i lived in Da nang”, he said. –> He said he wished he lived in Da nang.

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    What is the meaning of life? Is it to cherish the remembrances of a splendid past? Or to face the unknown challenges in the future?

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     Heads are burst open and fall like peach flowers - The blood is pervasive like peach blossom petals floating in the air - Peach Garden Artist - What a fitting name~ 
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    The shackle in the heart is rusting, like poison spreading through the entire body. The shackle gave way under the pounding of a prevented spirit, but behind the once locked door of the hear, there is an endless amount of contradiction and pain...

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    Kosketa minua, Älä käsilläsi vaan niin että tunnen sinut. Halaa minua, Ählä käsilläsi mutta sielussasi~

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    haizzz...What a pain~

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    While this 'benevolent realist' will be branded a sinner for all eternity by simpleminded historians

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