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    Deep passion in The Real Coffe

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    The Fire-bringer ^^

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    If this question had been asked a month ago, I could have answered that i ate out threes a week. Most of the time, maby even more. I cant cook - hate to cook is more like it- and with our weeknights being so busy, grabbing dinner was so convenient. But when I read the book that skinny chicks eat real food, i saw that sounded great to me. I learned that I had to stop eating out and cook. We're taking baby steps and cuting back to twice a week and keeping it to healthy choices.

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    A place where we live is an important decision we make in our lives. Some people believe that a city is much better place for living compared to living in the countryside. I too agree with this view due to vast oppoturnities that a city can offer in contrast to a small town.

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