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    Special pages
    [tratu.soha.vn G_translate (version 0.1.1)]Hỗ trợ người dùng dịch văn bản bằng google translate engineThanhhx
    AddRelationshipA special page for adding friends/foe requests for existing users in the wikiDavid Pean
    AvatarUploadA special page for uploading AvatarsDavid Pean
    EditUser (version 1.4)Allows privileged users to edit other users' preferencesRyan Schmidt
    [tratu.soha.vn EmailAuthenNotice (version 0.1)]Thông báo cho người dùng cần xác thực email để thành thành viênVietnc
    PopulateExistingUsersProfilesA special page for initializing social profiles for existing wikisDavid Pean
    RemoveRelationshipA special page for removing existing friends/foes for the current logged in userDavid Pean
    SendBoardBlast A special page to allow users to send a mass board message by selecting from a list of their friends and foesDavid Pean
    UpdateProfileA special page to allow users to update their social profileDavid Pean
    UserBoardDisplay User Board messages for a userDavid Pean
    ViewRelationshipRequestsA special page for viewing open relationship requests for the current logged in userDavid Pean
    ViewRelationshipsA special page for viewing all relationships by typeDavid Pean
    Parser hooks
    bookmarklet (version 1.0b)Bookmarklet linkVietnc
    ArticleComments (version 0.4.1)Enables comment sections on article pages.Jim R. Wilson - wilson.jim.r <at> gmail.com
    ConfirmEditSimple captcha implementationBrion Vibber
    EmailLinkSee nameTravis Derouin
    getuserOnLogin (version 1.1)Redirect to any page you want on loginThnhhx
    Minimum Username LengthRob Church
    OpenID (version 0.8.2)Lets users login to the wiki with an OpenID and login to other OpenID-aware Web sites with their wiki user accountEvan Prodromou
    [ PageExt (version 1.x)]chứa các hàm dùng để nâng cấp phiên bản v1 lên v2 của tra từNguyễn Tuấn Huy
    PostCommentAllows users to post comments directly to discussion pages.Travis Derouin, Siebrand Mazeland
    SimilarString (version 0.1.0)Enables similar results when notext match keywordthanhhoangxuan@vccorp.com
    WikiaUserProfileA set of Social Tools for MediaWikiWikia, Inc. (Aaron Wright, David Pean)
    Extension functions
    setupOpenID, wfOtherArcticleParserFunction_Setup, wfBmk, wfEmailLink, fnSetup, fnInitPages, editSection, fnInitShowHiddenSection, wfArticleCommentsParserSetup, setupSpecialProcessComment, wfAbortLogin, wfNewuserregister, wfExtensionSpecialForum, wfShowThread, wfUserProfileReadLang, wfReadCommonMsg, wfEmailAuthNotice, wfG_translate, efMinimumNameLengthSetup and confirmEditSetup
    Parser extension tags
    <bookmarklet>, <onlinesupport>, <tratufanpage>, <bookmarklet_video>, <comments>, <showthread> and <pre>
    Parser function hooks
    nhungbaikhac, int, ns, urlencode, lcfirst, ucfirst, lc, uc, localurl, localurle, fullurl, fullurle, formatnum, grammar, plural, numberofpages, numberofusers, numberofarticles, numberoffiles, numberofadmins, numberofedits, language, padleft, padright, anchorencode, special, defaultsort, displaytitle and pagesinnamespace


    Hook nameSubscribed by
    AbortLoginConfirmEditHooks::confirmUserLogin and wfUserAbortLogin
    AbortNewAccountConfirmEditHooks::confirmUserCreate, wfNotloginregister and efMinimumNameLength
    ArticleAfterFetchContent(MetaWikiManager, get5equal)
    ArticleFromTitlewfGroupFromTitle, wfUserProfileFromTitle, wfForumFromTitle and wfDuanCongdong
    BeforePageDisplayfnAddJs and editSectionAddFile
    LoadAllMessagesfnPageExtMessageHook and fnPageExtMessageHook
    LoginAuthenticateAuditConfirmEditHooks::triggerUserLogin and fnLogInOpenID
    OutputPageBeforeHTML(StyleBySection, apply)
    SkinTemplateTabs(, ) and (, http://localhost:81/thenao/index.php/Trang_chu)
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