• This hard and tumble snapper may also function in temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit, that is equal to minor 10 degrees Celsius. When the dust settled after the whole event, you retrieved your camera and found that it is still alive. Instead, If you have more than a few bucks to invest, I highly recommend that you buy a digital underwater camera. This is why it is still a popular choice with many travelers today. Low light is easily counteracted by the flash, but the range on it is only about 10 feet.

    This camera is slightly more bulky than its predecessor, but still retain the overall slim design. The Lithium Ion battery typically weigh 40g to 50g so when the camera advertises itself as 200g excluding battery, you would be looking at 240g in total. Because there are thousands of choices coming to the market, people are agonized of which waterproof camera to get. In terms of macro, the closer it can focus, the better, but a closest focus distance between 3cm to 10cm (1 to 4 inches) is sufficient. The higher the optical rating, the farther away you can be from your subject and still obtain a really nice photograph.

    Perhaps you've already given it a try and found that even though you take pretty good photos on land, the shots taken with your underwater camera come out terrible. Depending on the brand and model, a tough camera can be shock proof up to a height of 2 metres. The first thing you should get is a waterproof camera. Many grocery and department stores stock these products. If you spend time outdoors then you'll want something that is waterproof, shockproof, and where you can point and shoot.

    I have had two waterproof cameras in my life and although they were two very different models both met my needs at the time. Of course you can disable the flash, but unless it's a sunny day and you stay within a few feet of the surface, your pictures will be mostly blue. There are some great websites around that give expert and user reviews on virtually every camera on the market - use this wonderful and free resource. A different sort of camera from the good folks at Canon, is the Canon Powershot D10. You might want to have an extra battery on hand in case you're going to a spot that may be extremely cold or keep your batteries warm until you reach your destination.

    Because of this magnifying effect of the water you'll need to get closer to your subject than you would on dry land. Today, the digital camera is the best ally of travelers. This style instantly adjusts sensitivity approximately an optimum of ISO 6400 based on ambient lighting, which permits a faster shutter speed to seize sharp, clear pictures. The camera bodies are often made of metal with suitable rubber padding and impact-resistant features inside the camera anyway. The new digital styles of cameras can be quite expensive so it makes sense to protect them by using a waterproof camera backpack.

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