• Planning on playing Minecraft? Looking for a simple and free way to do so? You're in luck! Visit this website to get your free Minecraft account today.

    The process is pretty straightforward, allowing you to download and set up your account in a few minutes. Most other websites which offer this kind of a deal host hacked game files, so you'll end up annoyed and disappointed when your game will crash over and over again.
    Aside from the free Minecraft accounts, this website offers crucial information about the game as well. The Minecraft crafting guide will teach you the basics, like how to create a crafting table used to manufacture important tools which will help you throughout the game. From there on, you can go about creating other crafting devices, like a furnace, an anvil, the enchantment table, a cauldron and the brewing stand. Of course, when and if other crafting devices will be introduced, the website will update the post accordingly, so you won't ever be behind with the newest important recipes.If you need more help than what this crafting guide offers, you can also read up the general Minecraft guide, which will tell you everything you need to know to get started. You'll learn where and how to download the game, how to create your very first basic items and how to survive the first night. You'll also get a few resources to help you out at first.

    Moving on from the basics, on the website you'll learn how to install Minecraft mods. Mods are additions to the game, which in some cases change only some design aspects, while in others they change important game mechanics as well. Some mods may even be regarded as important expansions to the game, bringing whole new features to light. There's a video showing you exactly how to install these mods without compromising the game itself and there is a lot of useful information about what mods do as well.
    Now that you've learned how to get a free version of Minecraft and install mods, you'll learn to create your very own server. The "How to Make a Minecraft Server" section will teach you how you can host your very own server, allowing you to play with friends or other random people across the internet. Gather up a bunch of players and start working together to build something epic. And why stop there? Make a video of your effort and upload it somewhere as well!
    Next up, you'll be learning how to create free Minecraft skins. These "skins" refer to the textures applied to either your game character or other objects or NPCs in the game.

    You'll be taken through the entire process if you follow the instructions found on the website, using third-party software for image editing (also available as a reference on this website). If it sounds too complicated, the website provides a free, easy to use alternative which even a novice can handle without any headache whatsoever.
    You'll soon learn to love Minecraft for the wonderful game it is. And you'll probably end up wondering how this game came to fruition in the first place. The website, believe it or not, offers information in that department as well.
    You'll end up learning about Minecraft games, how they influenced the final product and a general overview on how the game works. If you want to get a feel of the classic Minecraft for free, you'll find the link which leads you to that version which is also hosted on this website.

    So if you're already a fan of Minecraft or you're keen on trying it out, this website will prove to be a great resource for most, if not all your needs. Being updated constantly, you'll be fed new info on a regular basis, allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum Minecraft has to offer.

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