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    'Project Runway' is at this moment casting for its tenth season and has won a definite number of grants. The tv program has spawned a few spin-off and knock-off series. Greatest recently it covered up its well liked 'Project Runway: All Stars' spin-off this also brought together fashion designers from seasons over to once over again battle it out in a series of fashion competitions. NBC just launched a unique 'Project Runway' styled series 'Fashion Babe.' While the clothes created on 'Fashion Star' have proved to be selling out of stores that brand model has met with the help of mixed reviews.

    Ruby Le Bon 's the 23-year-old good all-around DJ/Model/Musician girl of Simon Le Bon, lead pop star of Duran Duran, and model Yasmin Le Bon, a familiar face inside Kors' shows all throughout the 80's.

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