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    . Cucumbers are natural cooling agents for your eyes. All you need to do is cut slices of cucumber and place one on each eye lid for few minutes. This will bring immediate cooling effect and soothe your eyes.

    Try to make little changes and adjustments while using computers. Adjust monitor in such a way that the light sources are off the side. Regularly clean the screen of your monitor in order to keep it clear of any kind of dusts. Keyboard should always be placed in front of the monitor.

    Triphala is given to people who have excess acidity in their stomachs. A usual use of the Triphala helps to dissolve all the toxic acids in the stomach. This helps in the handling of flatulence.

    Therefore, it should come as no surprise that researchers from the Tel Aviv University School of Public Health found that the drug, Isotretinoin (Accutane or Roaccutane) would also affect the lubrication of the eyelids increasing the chance of eye infections including conjunctivitis (pink eye) or sties.

    "For the most part with childhood illnesses, you don't have to be home with them," says Plano KidMed program coordinator Jennifer Walters. For example, if a child has pinkeye, he or she may feel fine but can't go to school or daycare because conjunctivitis is contagious. That's where KidMed comes in.

    Cykiert recommends teens everywhere steer clear of the eyeball licking craze and stick with the usual methods of showing affection or sexual foreplay.

    No treatment ("watchful waiting") is a valid option if symptoms are very mild. Allergen avoidance is important, as far as it is possible. Bathing the eyes with a cool flannel may relieve some soreness and itching.

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