• Why Follow a Beekeeping Guide

    The practice of beekeeping is not a modern invention. It is one of the oldest known methods of food production. No-one knows have been the first website visitors to take it up but archaeologists have documented cave drawings in Africa depicting honey being collected which go back many thousands of years. The earliest manufactured beehives were generally crafted from pottery. Beekeepers in middle ages times learned the best way to capture honey bees so that you can collect their honey in clay vases and bowls.

    My first encounter with the Bee Diva happened in the late 1990's. For two years I lived in a simple one room outbuilding heated by the woodstove, without having kitchen no indoor bathroom. During this time of mourning, I chose to act based solely on internal impulses. I ate when hungry, slept when sleepy, danced, moved, wrote poetry and painted. During this time, a delightful iconic image penetrated my creative imagination. I call this iconic image Angel Bee. A series of eighteen small multimedia paintings of Angel Bees soon followed. These paintings will 1 day become a number of note cards and posters. The paintings are dynamic, unique, playful images of your winged creature who communicates energetically using a human ear.

    The Russians likely have carried out almost all of the research at the Kazan Veterinary Institute in 1947 to discover the amazing properties this substance embodies. So much so that bee food was known as 'Russian Penicillin' ahead of this date it turned out applied to slow healing wounds in the Boer War and again through the Second World War in Russia.

    It is not easy for the colony or hive to possess more than one queen bees. That is why the young queen bee gets aggressive when she notes a whole new potential queen. Sometimes there is a virgin queen bee in the hive. She is not as large just as one ordinary queen, and she has still not mated using a male honeybee, also referred to as a drone. The virgin queens do not release much pheromone. Sometimes even the worker bees can't recognize the virgin queen bee among other bees. The virgin bees have very particular behavior after they get out of the queen cell. The most usual behavior to the virgin queen is usually to look for other virgin queen rivals, and next she will do a shot to kill them. The queens kill other bees by stinging them to death. We all know if the worker bees sting something or someone, they are going to die immediately. But it is not the same for that queens simply because they could sting very often and they're going to not die. If you have recently been stung by way of a worker bee, you have to know that the feeling isn't nice, can it be?

    There are many type of bees that exist in the world. The carpenter bee resembles the bumblebee in many aspects. It is a large bee that typically resides in holes it makes in wood, which is what gives this pest its name. Its home could be in a deck, the trees or any other objects made up of wood, and can be seen hovering flowers along with other greenery seen in yards through the summer.

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