• I essentially broke the record, which is 17-and-a-half-feet tall, but I didn’t complete the forms, thus this wasn’t authorized,” says Michael. “When I find a venue and sponsors, I’d always perform forty-foot watermelon carving and break the record officially.”
    elocated for you to San Diego in Apr to grow Fruitopian Artistry, a teaching and providing business he launched three main years ago. Arriving with entirely his clothes, a computer and a collection of razor-sharp detail knives, he soon began demonstrating so that you can even the most ham-fisted how to turn fruits and vegetables into colorful flowers, animals and logos.
    In add-on to be able to classes listed on his web site (guidomichael.com), he recently supplied Melon Mayhem, a video demonstrating many of the wily knife techniques that earned him medals in culinary challenges around the country.

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