• Windows 8 relates to the most current os in Microsoft series. Windows 8 introduced serious changes to the operating system platform including the user interface to enhance the overall consumer experience on many systems including tablets and touch screen phones. Windows 8 is now one of the major competitors for the smartphone operating system Android os as well as iOS. Ahead of the finished version of the OS was launched there have been many different versions unveiled.

    The most recognizable difference in Windows 8 may be the Metro style design for the user interface. The old start menu has been changed in Windows 8 by using a dynamically refreshed grid of tiles which gives a visually spectacular user interface to the end user. This gives users access to applications, shortcuts, computer files and widgets represented by easy to customize tiles arranged horizontally and vertically. These types of grids can be customized to any proportions as the end users choose to.

    Windows 8 was introduced primarily for the purpose of superior efficiency and safety advancements. The recently included feature of the touch screen feedback with regard to devices similar to tablets has acquired incredible audience. Windows has its own software series called Metro programs which are categorized similar to Google play store. Here each of the apps are categorized just like Information, Sports, Money, Entertainment, Money, Travelling, Mass media, Technologies and even more. Which is known as Windows Store and then any customer could install free or premium applications from here.

    After the launch of Windows 8 the sales moved nearly 1 hundred million marking the largest by an Microsoft OEM. Windows 8 was broadly accepted by consumers worldwide because of its visually spectacular appearance as well as its interactive ness. Windows 8 had a number of criticism throughout its initial launch stage as well as the stability of the os wasn't the very best.

    Though Windows 8 licence comes around 200$ for an individual, the craze of the os has drawn hackers and crackers releasing free authentic version of the OEM. Numerous version of Windows 8 Pro Crack and even windows 8 crack can be found on the web that makes the trial version to a fully genuine version with Microsoft updates. It has caused several pirated downloads of windows 8 to be released on the net and torrent websites. Though this is a bad thing, it's also enhanced the Windows 8 experience to several end users that would haven't ever tested it. Although we expect that the unlicensed version can not be compared to the fully purchased genuine version, most windows 8 crack and windows 8 activator provides the full genuine advantage along with Microsoft updates.

    Windows 8 can be activated by visiting the microsoft webpage and utilizing the product key purchased or utilizing the microsoft validation tool. Windows 8 has a wide variety of keys. More recently these keys are available on the net or can also be generated utilizing windows 8 keygen software. Because of the popularity of the os a large number of windows 8 keygen is available for download. A large number of windows 8 crack download, windows 8 activator download and even windows 8 keygen download can be acquired now because of its huge global recognition. Users download windows 8 activator, crack and keygen online for free and this has resulted in a great reduction in profits for Microsoft. Windows 8 has overtaken in the piracy level compared to both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Thus Windows 8 is probably the greatest os available in the market which will keep improving and it is expected to become the standard shortly overtaking Windows 7.

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