• Hong Kong S.A.R. is composed of an quantity of districts, but is split mainly into three major parts with various character. Tourists usually find Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, but additionally New Territories may be worth a visit, mainly for the beaches and hiking trails. The relaxed atmosphere here can be a sharp contrast for the City Centre's atmosphere, and thanks to Hong Kong's amazing infrastructure goes smoothly to achieve every corner with the city by car, boat or underground.

    Hong Kong Island
    På the northern part from the island will be the Central Business District skyscrapers which can be always seen on postcards. It gets the largest amount of landmarks as well as the best shopping, for the reason that average income of HK Iceland is way higher when compared to the rest in the city. This part was colonized with the British inside first, and also to this time is the Victoria Harbour, the world's third largest port, down the island's northern coast.

    Den most densely populated part of Hong Kong S.A.R., that has been colonized Iceland 20 years later than HP and still lagging behind economically. It also means a more genuine feeling of Hong kong, with Chinese neon signs and apartment house in sardinasksstil. Since edinburgh airport was moved in 1998, however, it became possible to build on the height also here, and also the development has gained momentum since then. International Commerce Center that opened in 2010 was the world's fourth-tallest building in the time.

    New Territories
    By far the largest part in the city, where about 50 % of the population resides. In the North, with the land border with China, is a huge residential areas where a huge selection of 1000s of workers commute South to work. More noteworthy is part Islands District: one-fifth of the city's total surface with only two percent of their inhabitants. It offers exotic tropical beaches and hiking trails which are easy to get at by boat.

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