• Here, I am very excited to introduce you to definitely author Scott Spotson. He is one of several great author’s on Goodreads, that is where we met. Scott has written three books: Life II, a moment travel novel; Seeking Dr. Magic, a novel that imagines what are the results every time a powerful wizard comes of age as being a child, and wreaks his damage to the world, which is yet unaware of his existence; and You Know You’re Thin When…, a humor book using large single panel cartoons. He also has a great blog and website that I suggest you check out! I love unique sites and also this one certainly ranks on the websites for jointly you’ll remember.

    Scott Spotson can be Canadian, which I only mention because I think that is cool and I’m frankly envious. Canada is awesome. And Canadian writers…well, I haven’t met the one that I didn’t like! So have a look at Scott’s interview after which examine his books!

    And now, introducing author Scott Spotson:

    1. When did you begin writing?

    I started writing since elementary school. I would find out, by hand, short stories, sometimes for classes, sometimes for myself. But nothing like novels. I did enter a short story contest when I was about 10 years old, in my small town, and I won. I wrote my first novel when I was 20, and it was dependant on a love triangle that two young male roommates at university have whenever a new university young woman walks within their lives. Also, one guy was more bookish whilst the other guy was a greater portion of a James Dean type, and of course, the second one contains the girl in the long run. (It was a clean young adult piece!) I sent it to at least one or two publishers, but nothing came of computer. This was way ahead of the time of the Internet, so I use it the shelf and didn’t write again for a lot of more years.

    I started writing again last year and was pleasantly surprised about how much everything had changed. Remembering that old paradigm, I even sent my new manuscript to some publishers, yet nothing came of computer. But now that individuals have simple and easy , relatively cost-free self-publishing, I decided to self-publish this time around, and I like it. My first book to be published was “Life II,” an occasion-travel novel.

    2. What brought you to definitely the crazy endeavor that is certainly writing and self-publishing?

    I honestly didn’t know of the simple self-publishing nowadays. I thought I would yet again have to go through mainstream publishing companies. That’s how dedicated I was. I was relieved afterwards, to find out that one can indeed self-publish without for dozens of books that no person ever reads. I found out by way of a local newspaper article in regards to a new local author, and I contacted her by email, and she or he consequently informed me about Createspace. The rest is history.

    3. What are your hopes as being a writer?

    Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hope to get famous being an author, and have my works turned into Hollywood blockbusters and then retire rich! But my expectations today are modest: to possess numerous readers enjoy my books whenever possible, and also to truly have them elect to enjoy my books, in lieu of wanting to prove myself or take action “for myself.” I think the minute authors start realizing that their books are not “in demand” is as soon as they need to try and improve, or find new stories to inform, or leave the market to writers who are able to fare better. Happily, I am finding that my books will have a geniune market who enjoys them.

    4. You have three books published. How long did they take you to write? What is your selected genre?

    YKYTW Cover FinalMy favourite genre will always be science fiction, as a result of future-looking implications, and also the possibility how the unlimited can happen. Life II took about three months to write, after about a month of plotting, then about two more months of editing. Seeking Dr. Magic took about a fortnight of plotting, 2 months to write, and a month of editing. You Know You’re Thin When… differs, because I actually didn’t do the majority of the book. I wrote the blurbs, nonetheless it took a little while (naturally) for your artists to draw in the cartoons. They’re great!

    5. Tell me a little bout your books and everything you enjoyed and liked the least about writing them.

    Life II Book Cover jpg Dec 21Well, Life II is extremely personal in my opinion, as it re-imagines life should you lived it once more, changing that which you can. I also loved the science fiction that intrudes upon a common life, including watching the Time Weaver and then that weird but incredible incident when Max sits in a very cafe with Lucinda (browse the book to learn more). A few reviewers have offered their opinion that they didn’t want that much science fiction in Life II, but I just couldn’t imagine just having Max shuttle into his new life without an explanation. Also, I just couldn’t imagine finishing off Max’s new life with out a bit of a bang that ties returning to the Time Weaver. To me, the science fiction elements are why Life II deliciously fun you just read.

    Dr Magic Cover March 9As for Seeking Dr. Magic, I think what is important is I made it fun to see, and I experimented with embark two super egos that both needed to become cut down and accommodate reality. A lot of people explained they loved both characters, it’s just like a “cat-and-mouse” game, and so they found themselves rooting for one character in a single chapter, then your other within the next chapter, and forward and backward. That’s what exactly I experimented with do. It’s a tome battle with no tired truism which they must fight to the death.

    As for which I liked the very least about writing my books, I think the one thing is my impatience. I have the stories in my head, I want the books to come out the same day. I find that it is hard to wait to create and edit, and obtain the covers and obtain them published. I honestly don’t recognize how the regular writers would wait eighteen months or couple of years to obtain their books published through the regular publishing firms. Wow.

    6. How do you develop story ideas? Are you a plotter or do you write on-the-fly?

    I’m definitely a plotter. I possess a journal around with me, and I jot down notes whenever I can. When outside and exercising over the distance, whether it be swimming, cycling, or jogging, could be the best. One time I was with a four hour cycle trip with my children all-around home and yes it was hard, because I had developed about twenty scenes to the same one book inside my head and had to try to memorize them all so I could write all of them down later when I got home.
    I don’t start writing until I have a coherent plot. I may not need every chapter plotted out in advance, but I really have every one of the scenes plotted out.

    7. Do you've a work-in-progress? If so, figure out much more about this.

    I have two underway.

    One is a love triangle, with adults (but comfortably inside their late 20’s, so similar to a grownup book) where one of several two women inside triangle is really a witch, even though you wouldn’t realize it from investigating her. I don’t desire to provide excessive, but basically this witch leans toward the evil, with bouts of conscience in between, and uses her magic powers to gradually get rid of her competition without the other woman being aware of the special moment. It’ll be described as a clean read, naturally. “Delusional” should be published by August or September 2013

    The other is the place four wizards arrogantly, but inside belief they may be benevolent gods who can vastly improve society, dominate power in your current Earth. They bring their spirit of advanced knowledge and love of games and competition using them, so it’s a fascinating study in culture clash. We see what are the results if the “mortals,” by having a Supreme Liaison named Amanda, herself among the humans, react to their new laws and economic reforms. “The Four Kings” should be published by October or November 2013.

    8. I met you by having a Goodreads review group, so I’m guessing you like to learn too. What genres can you read?

    Really, I come with an eclectic reading preference, it’s not unusual for me to see four books simultaneously, skipping in one to a new determined by my interest that day. However, I do not like horror or consistently dystopian novels high is certainly not to cheer for in it. I also hate preachy books where the author seems keen on sending an email, rather than entertaining. Certainly, books can impart lessons, however, if the author can perform so through hooking your interest, that’s a great book.

    9. Every Indie author always usually trying to talk with and attract readers, so I need to ask: where does one check out find something totally new to see?

    It’s impossible never to these days, so many books just begging to get read. Through many fellow authors on Goodreads, I can find new indie books to learn. I think the situation nowadays is too much choice, in lieu of weak hands. And that’s a good thing.

    10. What impacts your selection about what to buy to see? Cover, book blurb, other reviews, sales/price? Which is most crucial to you personally?

    I would the story. If there is speculative fiction happening within the real world, I think that might grab my interest. Some people think of it as magic realism, but I like it with the personal level. If it’s something that happens in my opinion as I begin my boring life, also it’s certainly impossible, also it’s in the book, I would love to learn it. That’s why I loved writing Life II. The main character finds himself living through his life again, plus it’s his choice. In Seeking Dr. Magic, a detective finds himself using his wits on something that hasn't happened in his world before – seeking a marvelous being who just appears away from nowhere. That’s why I loved Back to the Future – a teenage boy finds himself returning into time and energy to meet his parents being the identical age as him – what a concept!

    Fellow authors, you've have an extraordinary event happening to a typical citizen in the real world, and there's magic or science fiction involved, and there’s some (happy) wonder conveyed, send it to me – I’ll analyze it for you!


    Wow, that is a deal! I’m sure there will be considered a people taking Scott high on that.

    Thanks so much to your time, Scott. It has been great observing you and your novels sound great! For anyone who really wants to go try them out, it is possible to keep to the links to find Life II and Dr. Magic

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