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    Before you sign a lease with your new apartment community there are a few things you will want to go over before you sign your name on the dotted line. Many times our clients are such in a rush to move in. And they fail to read through the entire contract. This can really create some havoc in the entire process. We have pointed out a few items that most renters should be aware of before they actually move in the property.

    Apartments tend to be small so it's important to use furniture, lighting and colors in a way that will make it look bigger than it really is. Buy furniture that is slender and not chunky. They will not only save up space, but will also look trendier. Asymmetrical shelves look modern. They also provide a place for keeping books and knick-knacks. Wrap-around sofas are cool to look at. Buy one in a dark color.

    However, one thing needs to be kept in mind that you need to keep track of time, because sometimes we miss good apartments due to our lack of track. So, try to research and but keep a track of time as well.

    Also one of the newer luxury apartment homes near both the Museum District and the Texas Medical Center. These apartment homes are within walking distance of the Hermann Park which includes both a golf course and the Houston Zoo.

    Mostly people have cats and dogs but there are other types of animals also which are best for apartment dwellers. Fish and birds also make good companions especially for small apartment Fish can be good option because of very little space as all they need is their tank. Most of the apartments do not even consider fish as pet and therefore even apartments prohibiting pets will still allow fish.

    "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" are now in the thick of filming season 5, and we have heard for some time that Melissa Gorga is pondering making a move during the season to a new residence closer to where she grew up. While we have yet to see any evidence that this is happening for certain just yet, we can at least say that the reality star has already made a move of a different sort regarding the internet.

    Pet Deposit: Renters with pets have to pay a deposit in advance to cover any damages caused by the animal during tenancy at a Texas apartment home. The amount of the pet deposit depends on weight breed restrictions. Only a portion of the pet deposit is refundable.

    A few weeks before you move into an apartment put your dog on a new schedule. Think about what your day will be like and how your schedule will be affected in your new place. Start to change your schedule into what it will be. This will give your dog time to adjust to this new walk and potty idea. If you know you will be walking him three times a day, incorporate it into your day now and make sure he still gets a fun walk as well. If you have a doggy door stop using it. Start re-training so that the leash and walk are the cues. Make sure you give loads of positive reinforcement when he goes.

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