• It also required users to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy nexus. And when you think you've exhausted the use of it in your niche, expand the application into other niches. Many modern websites are rich with advertisements and multi media content and the new Reader mode is perfect for such sites. You - Tube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and allows users to upload and view videos for free. For example, you want to go to contact list or inbox to check out the new e-mail you can easily use Tap-to-Top to jump.

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers a display which despite being larger somehow eclipses the renowned Retina display that the White i - Phone 4 features. True, everyone's going to try to make their equipment faster, sharper, more memory, longer battery life, etc. You will be able to easily explore a new city or even the world around you. Physical buttons are kept to a minimum and the front of the model is dominated by the large screen. The Korean multinational Samsung has finally made a brave step in the world of android technology by introducing the mobile phone model Samsung Galaxy.

    The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is to offer a whopping 18GHz dual core processor which will be officially the fastest on the market, coupled with this is a staggering 12 mega pixel camera. It is available in two memory slot of 8GB and 16GB. The 2G technology allows its customers to access high speed Internet anytime and anywhere and the 3G technology present in this smart phone provides. There's the front part that holds the clear protective membrane, which also acts as the screen protector. This handset ships with an 800MHz processor and this is backed up with 768MB worth of RAM.

    Web browsing benefits from a boost in speed as well as improved tab browsing facilities. Since the dock isn't through a third-party company, a few additional features are included like synchronizing and charging which can be accomplished by using the charger and USB cable provided with your Samsung Galaxy Tab. The same processor is being used in various competitors of Galaxy Ace like Black - Berry Storm 2. This is arguably the crowing feature of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android has the potential to become the superior smartphone but i - Phone market share is still big enough to stand ground.

    Aside from the screens, both handsets offer impressive spec lists. S Voice is a great rival to the Siri service on the i - Phone and the new Smart Stay technology helps preserve battery life by fully utilising the front facing camera on the phone. Although the size of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note may deter some consumers, the quality that it offers is superb. To accommodate those who utilise social media, You - Tube, Google talk and Picassa integration are also included as standard. Similar in many ways to last year's groundbreaking i - Pad, the mach 2 version is thinner and sleeker and features a new dual core A5 CPU with boosted memory and a pair of new cameras.

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