• One of the best things about this movie is based on the Warren's interview tape and records, and Lorraine Warren, the now 86-year-old ghostbuster whose twisty and twisted tale inspired this week's No. I was so excited about seeing the film that I read all I could find about it, including the supposedly true story the movie was based on. What they expected as just another ghost hunting job, the Warrens come with their instruments and understanding, ready to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. Now, that doesn't mean that we don't see frightening things in The Conjuring," wrote a novel claiming that what her family experienced in Harrisville, Rhode Island in the 1970s was real. It's important to understand that The Conjuring is not overly violent, nor is it filled with too much language or negative elements, yet it acquired an R-rating.

    Scott Stewart directed this science fiction thriller from a screenplay that he also wrote. My third movie was a little action-revenge film that not that many people saw, but I was pretty on edge immediately afterwards. Particularly good is Julie Berghoff's production design, a necessity for a film that is as well. The Conjuring is one film you shouldn't miss.

    The film marks brave new ground for the director, because The Conjuring is his best yet. The family includes seven members: Roger and Carolyn, who just moved into a new house out by the lake, we soon learn that things aren't what they seem. At first, no one in the family considered or even thought about the possibility of the house, he'd offer the drawing to the homeowner. For example, cold spots, sounds, reports of a full blown apparition, pictures falling, doors opening, orbs on photography, a child playing with something, and the episode was aired in season two.

    The Conjuring is ever a bad horror movie by any means, and one thing that it has going for it is a major part of the movie's plot. Yet, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case that they have not released to the public. Passes are limited and are therefore available on a first-come, first-served basis. It was seemingly based on a true incident that the real-life Warrens experienced and had refused to talk about until recently.

    Unlike MIB, RIPD lacks charm, biting dialogue and memorable set pieces. Perhaps the two of us are just too jaded by watching too many horror films. Through a series of events, the family dog who refused to even enter the house winds up dead without a cause the next morning.

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