• Follow an acid-ash diet. Include meats, eggs, cheese, nuts, prunes, plums, whole grains, and especially cranberry juice in your daily intake. These foods acidify the urine, which helps decrease bacterial growth. Avoid foods containing baking soda or powder, such as most baked goods.

    Continued usage of juniper tea can be detrimental to kidneys. So, despite its health benefits, frequent intake of juniper tea has to be avoided. One should drink not more than 2 cups of juniper tea daily and this can be continued for 2 months at the most.

    If urination stops completely for several hours, treat as an emergency situation. Catheterization in sterile circumstances is life- (and bladder-) saving.

    Untreated Chlamydia infection in men can lead to an inflammation of the urethra called urethritis. This can cause bladder infection, Epididymitis, prostrate infection and infection of the testicles.

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    Cranberry juice is a common home remedy for urinary tract infections, but it is only recently that the way in which it works is beginning to be understood. Cranberry grows in acidic wetlands throughout the Northern hemisphere, including Canada and the Northern parts of the USA. The main areas of cultivation in the USA are Wisconsin and Massachusetts. It is used as a juice, sauce and dried and is one of what are classed as superfoods' for its antioxidant properties.

    Other Causes: Medical conditions such as bladder cancer, bladder dysfunction, overactive bladder and congenital heart failure can also make one susceptible to this urinary problem. Drinking alcohol and other caffeinated beverages are some other probable causes.

    The herb being a powerful diuretic, helps lower high blood pressure. Remember, diuretic action can deplete your body of potassium, so you are expected to increase your intake of potassium.

    The purple-black berries that grow on this plant display antimicrobial activity, and are the main ingredient in juniper tea. Being an antiseptic and an excellent source of antioxidants, the medicinal purposes of juniper tea are numerous, some of which are discussed below.

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