• Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be mild or severe, but are often very subtle, therefore if someone only has a mild case of hypothyroidism, it is very hard for physicians to pinpoint the problem. Over dosage of drugs with high lithium concentration, shortage of iodine and exposure to radiation are some of the important factors causing thyroid problems. Linked to this fact is also grey hair, if they started to appear, even a couple before the age of 30 it would be wise to seek out more information. CFS and Fibromyalgia sufferers may conclude incorrectly that thyroid deficiency is at the heart of their illness and take a course of action purely aimed at restoring thyroid function. The thyroid gland produces hormones that affect your energy level and your metabolism.

    T3 and T4 control all of the body's metabolic processes. Hypothyroidism and pregnancy tend to be an uncommon set of conditions for a couple of reasons. have hypothyroidism, and a significant percentage have a milder form of the condition that is considered hypothyroidism diet subclinical," she said. In fact, weight gain and the difficulty of losing extra weight are one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. is a world leader in natural Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Modulation.

    When the TSH becomes normal or elevated, the dose of antithyroid medication is lowered. If you have already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you must let your Obstetrician know as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. If you think you have any symptoms of hypothyroidism, please make an appointment to consult your health care professional, then do your own research and know what questions to ask the doctor before your test. Some symptoms include weight gain, depression, fatigue, dry skin, constipation, and muscle weakness. Do not lose heart, be patient with yourself, eat healthily and exercise gently and make sure you get your blood tested at least every 6 months to make sure your medication is optimized.

    Sonata is also a good medication used by people who have difficulty dozing off. These are thought wreak havoc with the thyroid, causing thyroid hormone production to decrease resulting in hypothyroidism. Many individuals have allergies to food, but just as many of intolerances to certain foods and may not realize that this is an issue. She undergoes knee surgery, and immediately afterwards slips into a deep, dark hole of depression, with absolutely no interest in eating. Diarrhea also occurs as a result of the rapid increase in metabolism 7.

    As the Thyroid Foundation of Canada points out, these hormones 'are essential for life and have many effects on body metabolism, growth, and development'. Underactive thyroid occurs due to over production of TSH hormone. To my chagrin, there has been no change in my weight but I do feel healthier by fasting periodically. The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped organ located in your neck. It is possible to use hormone replacement therapy, yet for some people, there are too many side effects that occur.

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