• For many tourists went to Normandy, early on you for this region was discovered by tourists. But this French region is also known for its heavy wars that are fought out there. It is the region where Empress Sissi was staying in the region where they delicious, pure products. What about a plate of freshly caught ' fruits de mer ' or a cheese platter with the world famous Camembert?! Reisgraag. nl gives an overview of the most delicious local produce of Normandy. Would you like to buy a real regional product make sure the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) label on the packaging. This honorary title notes that a member of a well-known place and to know the traditional way to go there. In Normandy, there is many products that may bear the AOC label, like 4 cheese and Calvados. The four cheeses with the quality mark AOC are Coeur de Neufchâtel, Pont de l ' Evêque, Livarot, also called Colonel called and of course the world famous Camembert. Coeur de Neufchâtel is one of the oldest cheeses of Normandy, with a history dating back to the 10th century. Directly after milking is the curdled and kneaded mass salted, and formed into the well-known heads or hearts. The taste develops according to the degree of maturation, but always remains its creaminess and lightly salted accent. The Pont l'Eveque is also manufactured from a curdled mixture and is possibly at more people known. This cheese has a grey crust but is reddish by the successive brushing (what the work of the carotene in milk promotes). Taste and character develop as the ripening process progresses. Livarot was in the past centuries the most eaten cheese in Normandy and had the nickname "the meat for the poor". It is certainly the most typical Norman cheese. Characteristic of the cheese is the light red crust and the pervasive smell. The most famous cheese from Normandy is the Camembert in 1791, which was invented by Marie Harel, a local farmer's wife. According to legend, a grateful priest-Shepherd the manufacturing secret and the salt to farmer's wife Marie Harel have supplied that came with the then still unknown village of Camembert lived. The Calvados Department is the heart of Normandy and a paradise for gourmets. In this area are many Apple trees where different delicacies are made. Apple cider is a well-known drink, calvados is less known, but no less tasty. This brandy is the ultimate Apple product of the region. Unlike cider is calavados tastier if you let it. Some family companies have even calvados 50 years for sale. Partly due to the popularity of the Apple, different delicious desserts and cakes produced in Normandy. Almost each canton has its own recipe for a delicious apple pie. Usually start one of a bottom of sand dough on which pieces of Apple, this whole is topped by a creamy calvados-cream. The Teurgoule is a traditional Norman dessert. The base is whole milk, rice, sugar and cinnamon and the whole is eaten hot or cold with Apple compote.

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