• Why does an ex-mistress feel there is a need for a tell-all? Haven't we already learned more than we care to know through the thousands of reports and pseudo-reports? Apparently Tiger Woods, as with sex, still sells.

    Entitled 3 Mistresses: Notorious Tales of the World's Greatest Golfer, this particular Tiger Woods sex tape was produced in 2010, but never released.

    Loredana Jolie is a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic who says that she met Tiger Woods through a "matchmaking company" that set up sexual encounters for high profile clients. Jolie said that Tiger Woods liked to have several women line up in front of him and display various sexual poses before engaging in group sex. Woods apparently also liked to watch women perform sexual acts on each other.

    Here are two polls where you may vote regarding Tiger Woods' news coverage and whether or not you feel that domestic violence played a role in his November 27, 2009 car crash.

    We know one thing for certain, if she isn't Tiger Woods mistress, there are countless men who after looking at Rachel Uchitel's pictures and photos would happily give her the role.

    Rachel Uchitel, a Manhattan club hostess who had denied having an affair with Tiger Woods. Rachel Uchitel scheduled a press conference last week and canceled it a few hours later. It has been rumored that Tiger Woods paid her $1-$3 million dollars to keep quite. Tuesday, rumors came out that she was more of a madam (but still a mistress) to Woods supplying him with women.

    High profile attorney, Gloria Allred, also represents Theresa Rogers, Radar states. beard fetish. Neither Theresa nor Gloria Allred have confirmed the allegations regarding Theresa's affair with Tiger Woods or that Gloria is undergoing negotiations with Tiger Woods for a payoff.

    Rachel Uchitel became a popular face in the tabloids when she was involved in the much publicized story of golfer Tiger Wood's cheating scandal in 2010. Her affairs with married men didn't stop there; she was allegedly linked to an affair with married actor, David Boreanaz.

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