• Why does an ex-mistress feel there is a need for a tell-all? live fetish cam (hotfetishwebcams.com). Haven't we already learned more than we care to know through the thousands of reports and pseudo-reports? Apparently Tiger Woods, as with sex, still sells.

    Findling isn't the only one who's suggested Tiger may be dealing with more than just marriage counseling and other sex experts have said he's showing all the signs of being addicted to sex.

    Elin Nordegren Woods has been just as quiet about the incident as her husband, Tiger. The incident has left many with myriad questions. The first and foremost being where was Tiger Woods going at 2:25 a.m. on Thanksgiving night.

    Yes, folks Tiger Woods mistress #5 allegations have surfaced. Mindy Lawton has stepped forward and spoken to the Daily Mail to tell them the sordid details of her alleged affair with Tiger Woods. Mindy Lawton claims that she had an affair with Tiger Woods starting in around 2007. She met him in 2006 in a diner where she worked.

    The AP reported, PGA golfer Fred Couples will join Tiger Woods and two others for a practice round of golf on Monday at Augusta National, in preparation for the Masters.

    Needless to say, Woods' act did not play well with those in his Twitter audience, many of whom, no doubt, recalled his promise two years ago to "tone down my negative image" and respect the game more. While many expressed outrage -- "Poor etiquette!!!!" tweeted @thegolfblog -- others took wicked aim at Woods' never-ending struggles to overhaul his swing.

    Loredana, the first of Tiger Woods's mistresses to write a tell-all book, suggests that it's Elin's fault that Tiger had numerous affairs, saying "Obviously they didn't have such a close relationship because if I was in his house where the hell was she?

    Cori Rist cried in the below video from NBC's "Today" show, talking about her alleged adultery with Tiger Woods -- breaking into tears when the Today Show talk turned to the stay-at-home mom's 7-year-old son.

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