• As a leader his width could be measured through the a large number of agents he's trained over time. Wasserman can be the author of the popular guide Outlasting the Storm: A Guide to Retirement Planning and Annuities and recipient of the Allianz Top Gun Award.
    Phillip Wasserman is commonly regarded as an useful consultant and representative, having recommended insurance companies all over the country and talked to over 25,000 seniors about indexed annuities, retirement planning, and life insurance. Organizations every-where value his professional knowledge and experience within the field and often ask him to speak for his or her events and guide them. He's a powerful chief whose level of knowledge is needed and wanted in many circles within the regions of life insurance and annuities.
    Top insurance companies often seek out Phillip Wasserman's advice on anything regarding life insurance, annuities, regulatory problems, and product development. He has been associated with over a million dollars worth of allowance acquisitions and has demonstrated an outstanding capability to take on big projects and handle them responsibly. Phillip Wasserman's lead qualities, professional knowledge, and extensive experience have gained him the regard of established agents and people global.
    An excellent event manager and fund-raising pro, Phillip Wasserman has also experienced charge of numerous philanthropic events which have helped him to raise thousands and thousands of dollars for charities. In 2008, with the collaboration of Dr. Donald Moine, Wasserman brought a function for the Big Brothers Big Sisters youth guidance organization and were able to increase a whopping $60,000. Attending the event were top insurance and security business representatives, who donated generously.
    Phillip Wasserman's work-ethic goes beyond what he may do in the office and often transends into the areas of his life, demonstrating the passion with which he regards his work. Wasserman, out to preserve the integrity of his work, instantly launched out to combat it, when Rule 151A threatened the status of indexed annuities as set insurance. After losing eight numbers in legal fees, he was able to protect the annuity business from Rule 151A and continues to be the salvation of several people benefitting from them.

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