• Statistics show that one out of every four women and one out of every eight men have the virus, according to the U. Symptoms may not always be present during recurrent infection: more severe initial infection is associated with more frequent and severe recurrent infection. adsense_ad_unit += +. Plain and simple, herpes is a viral infection transmitted by sexual contact with a herpes-infected person. Anaesthetic creams such as Lidocaine are available over the counter, and can be applied to the genital area to relieve soreness.

    These tests can distinguish between HSV-1 and HSV-2, thus providing partial but not absolute distinction between herpes labialis (cold sores) or genital herpes. In fact, herbal and natural herpes medication doesn't even do too much to ease the pain suffered by herpes patients. A research group at Harvard Medical School has successfully demonstrated (Cell Host Microbe. There is no known cure for genital herpes, either conventional or alternative. More and more people are shifting to organic herpes treatment now; this is mainly because these kinds of solutions are less expensive and more efficient.

    All you need is the right cure for Herpes symptoms plan and the initiative to take action. HSV 1 can cause genital herpes but most commonly this type will cause Fever Blisters which in other words are mouth and lips blisters. Where jock itch tends to look a lot like a red rash, with a few tiny blisters on the edge, herpes infections look like heat blisters that are filled with fluid. Since almost one out of five American adults already has HSV 2 infection (Xu et al. This virus is highly infectious and transmits from one to another due to contact with skin, like oral, vaginal or anal sex.

    The virus can remain dormant in nerve cells for a long period of time before an outbreak occurs. During outbreaks, these steps can speed healing and prevent spreading of the infection to other sites of the body or to other people. Yes, I liked the Melissa oil straight, and never had a problem - but others I've known have had sensitive reactions - though this may have been related to UV exposure. Truly the only known risk to the purely natural herpes treatment is the fact that it would likely hurt when used. Because of the speed of transmission, it is a must to go for herpes testing as promptly as possible.

    Your entire shopping can be done from the privacy of your home and no one will come to know about it. Witch Hazel provides fast relief for vaginal herpes, because it is applied directly to the affected area. By doing this, you make it easier for the body to heal fast. It is important to always use a condom when having sexual intercourse. While some may think that genital herpes is nothing but a disgusting disease or infection, it can also be life threatening.

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