• It will require patience and consistency, but change will come as a result of your diet and exercise efforts
    Don't go it alone -- Involve friends and family to help keep you accountable and motivated
    Get a trainer if necessary to help you exercise properly
    Enlist the aid of a nutritionist if you have to so that your meals can be tailored to your needs
    Sign up with a meal program that has a support group
    Surround yourself with people who are committed to seeing you achieve success
    Be sure to always tell yourself that you can do it
    The key to success in any area of life is to keep going because eventually you will reach your goal
    This is not to say that you will never have set backs, that you will never give into cravings, that you will never just not feel like going on
    All these things will happen, but with any journey, you only reach your goal when you keep going to where you want to go and do not stay in the ditches you may fall into along the way
    Educate yourself -- As the saying goes, knowledge is power
    Write everything down so that you can look back and see how far you have come
    Celebrate -- When you reach a milestone or achieve a goal or overcome a stubborn obstacle, celebrate
    Living with symptoms and drug side effects is difficult enough and can reinforce negative self-images so celebrate when you achieve because you did it
    You made yourself a better person through your own efforts and that deserves celebration
    When you celebrate though, do so in a positive way
    Don't celebrate with food, but try something else you like whether that is music or a book or a new outfit
    When you celebrate though, try to include those who may have helped you along the way to reach your goal
    We've looked at 7 tips for helping people living with bipolar, anxiety, or depression disorders burn fat and lose weight
    You may have thought this article would have been a list of 7 foods not to eat or 7 exercises you have to do, but those things come after the steps outlined above
    The most important item to reaching your weight loss goals is to never give up
    As long as you keep working, keep learning, and keep going the exercise and diet information you need will come along
    When we are old enough to make decisions we all make a deal with our body and we all will pay the price of that deal
    Mother nature is a very forgiving lady but tick her off and the price to pay can be huge
    Either way and regardless of the deal you make you'll pay now or you'll pay later
    Pay now with blood, sweat and tears and the sacrifice necessary to maintain that machine called the body or pay later with illness and early demise if you choose to sit on your butt and ingest garbage
    Some of you may feel that was a little strong and blunt but sometimes it takes a strong dose of reality to shake people up and into action
    Obviously, there is no guarantee that excessive belly fat will cause a host of health issues or even lessen one's life span but all evidence sure points in that direction
    Numerous studies tell us the man with the biggest belly is the most likely to suffer heart problems
    All evidence supports the fatter the belly, the more likely one will suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure which could lead to heart attack or stroke
    Also, it is evident that there is a direct correlation between excessive belly fat and diabetes, sleep apnea, gout and certain cancers
    The bottom -line is simply --- the more belly fat the more risk of suffering chronic disease
    And those are the obvious affects of belly fat regarding one's health
    Excessive belly fat also affects energy and fatigue
    Obviously, it takes more energy and requires more strength to move a heavier object around
    Sleep apnea, which causes one to stop breathing for short periods results in sleepless nights and leads to daytime fatigue
    Statistics show more fat drivers have accidents than thin ones and that they fall asleep at the wheel more often
    And that's just a few of the physical problems caused by fat bellies
    psychological problems caused by excessive fat of the mid-section
    Very simply, fat people suffer more from depression and anxiety and are more unhappy than their thinner counterparts
    And guess what is linked to anger, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes
    Cholesterol just doesn't plug up the arteries to the heart
    It plugs up those running to other parts of the body as well
    You don't have to lose all of your belly fat to realize dramatic improvements to your health
    Studies show just a 10% reduction in belly fat can lower high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and symptoms of diabetes
    As stated in the beginning of this article, we all make a deal with our body
    That doesn't mean we can't renegotiate the deal and in the process turn back the clock
    So, if you are one who is experiencing health issues you can shed the past and reinvent yourself
    You can begin the process simply by following a few suggestions:
    Take a walk - Subtle changes in your habits can make a huge difference in your health
    Just 30 minutes a day of brisk walking can be life saving
    Watch what you eat - Become aware of how much salt and fat you consume each day
    Eat more fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water
    But a simple and easy one that will pay huge dividends
    Have you tried these types of diets and still have not lost weight
    Low carb diets have recently become popular over the last couple years, but the problem with these menus is that they are too strict and TOO HARD TO FOLLOW
    So, you'll probably find it extremely difficult to get slim using a Low Carb Dieting Plan
    They rob your body of too much energy (from carbohydrates) and make it nearly impossible to remain on the program for very long
    Do you know that you can't even eat an apple in some phases of these diets
    This is why so many dieters find it difficult to follow a strict low carbohydrate menu
    Low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but yet our society is getting more overweight as each year passes
    This fact alone should tell you that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight
    The number one reason why low-calorie diet plans don't work is: when you eat low-calorie foods, your body basically remains malnourished
    Forget about exercises, you don't have enough energy to complete even your regular activities
    All these things happen because your metabolic rate is low
    You have to know that Wendy Chant's Crack the Fat Loss Code is a diet plan to help you lose weight
    Actually, it is one good way to lose fat because it keeps your body and health as the top priorities
    For any those of you not well aware of what Crack the Fat Loss Code is, it is a self-help book, created by the nutrition expert, Wendy Chant, to help you lose weight
    The main idea of this book is that the body stores fat, whether you like it or not, for emergencies
    This is why you have to understand your body's adaptive response to diets, so you can manipulate your body's survival features and then lose weight
    By changing the energy you absorb from different sources, you can trick your body
    This is why the plan takes up to eight weeks to take effect since you have to learn your body's plateau and how you use the energy your body intakes
    Although, the book also stresses on how such food groups affect your weight, the Crack the Fat Loss Code does not prohibit any type or kind of food in the program, as long as you are still on track of understanding your body's patterns
    However, the book still includes four cycles you should observe over sixteen weeks
    The cycles are the Carb-Deplete cycle, the Macro-Patterning cycle, the Accelerated Fat-Loss cycle, and the Maintenance cycle
    Although, these cycles make the book look like any other diet plans out there telling you what to do in order to lose weight, it also teaches you how your body, metabolism, and eating habits help you achieve weight loss and appeals to a change in your lifestyle
    Honestly, the Crack the Fat Loss Code is a good way if you are on the road to weight loss
    However, if you are a first timer, it could be a bit complicated for you
    Just remember that determination and strong will are keys to a successful weight loss
    When it comes to weight loss, faster always seems better to most people
    If you are like everyone else when you start a new diet program you want to get your best body fast
    In order to do this you need to make sure that the fast weight loss plan you follow is a sound one
    That is, one that's going to see you through to your diet goal without endangering your health
    You need to select a diet plan you can stick to and that fits your lifestyle
    You will get to your rapid weight loss goal only if you don't cheat on the diet plan or eat the wrong foods when away from home
    For the duration of any fast weight loss diet you must commit to fat loss as your top priority
    This is true even though you will have lots of things going on in your life while you diet
    Your work, family commitments, and the usual daily stresses can all impact the results of your diet program
    Nevertheless, you have to be sure that sticking to your diet and making time for some active exercise is at the top of your daily to-do list
    It is only when you have a determined goal of a thinner, more attractive and healthier body that you'll succeed in losing fat weight
    You'll find you can loose weight much faster by sticking to your diet goals for the length of the diet plan, rather than bouncing on and off the diet
    In order to get your best body fast you need to make the decision to start today
    Brand a clear body weight goal or clothes size in your mind that you want to achieve
    Very importantly, follow the lead of successful dieters
    Join a fat loss diet plan that has been proven to work for many others
    I have found one highly popular diet plan that I strongly recommend you read if you want to loose fat fast
    This program will give you Live Changing Fat Loss by literally stripping that fat quickly from your body
    Remember that water weight loss doesn't count, only body fat loss matters
    So, don't deprive yourself of water on any rapid weight loss diet
    With all of the various diets being thrown in your face each day, it's easy to fall for the over hyped sales spiel and promises of amazing results
    However, these fat loss diets do not tackle the root of the problem
    By not dealing with the reason you put the fat on in the first place, you are likely to put the weight right back on once you have completed the diet
    Proper diets meet your weight gain issues head on and allow you to comfortably lose the weight
    Most diets fail right from the beginning because the goal is dropping large amounts of weight in a short period of time
    This may make you feel better about yourself temporarily, but will not provide any long term health benefits
    The second area major fat loss diets fail in, is the overblown promises
    They promise to give you the fat loss secret but are unable to fulfill that promise
    Lastly, and the reason you fail to keep the weight off once the diet is over, is these diets are temporary fixes
    They don't treat the issues causing the weight gain, so they fail

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