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    There are many issues to the task of growing ones business. Books are written about it and consultants charge large sums of money to give you insights into overcoming the challenges involved. But there are also simple obvious things one can do to make our business perform better and progress along the path of growth. Like making your core business processes incrementally better every time an opportunity presents itself. These small improvements need not by themselves have a dramatic impact but over time add up and can give your business a decisive edge.

    Businesses such as housekeeping, gardening, internet retail sales, consulting services, daycare, handyman, or similar service industries may require little or no money to start-up yet have potential to grow into very prosperous companies. For example, Molly Maid Housecleaning Service is a multi-million dollar company with services expanding across the country. Molly Maid was started by cleaning just one home.

    The second dream green job is of course the solar power system installer. These people have the job of a lifetime, doing something they like, and getting paid to help our environment. They get to enjoy the outdoors, and help people save money at the same time. Some even start their own successful businesses, and make six figures a year easily. This also holds true for other forms of alternative energy, wind turbines, magnetic generators, and many others.

    2) We have all been 'programmed'. A lot of our emotional habits are formed in early childhood. It took us a long time to perfect these habits, so to just 'change them' permanently is not always easy. If you have ever tried to quit a bad physical habit like smoking, eating sweets or biting your nails, you'll know that at first it is really hard to just stop. Emotional habits are even more difficult because they are not as obvious. Self-awareness is the key.

    Males are more prone to acne than females, but fortunately not everyone is affected by acne, and doctors believe that there is some link between acne and the surging of hormones around puberty, and this is why adolescents are more often affected than adults, but the condition can continue into adulthood. Doctors also think there could be a genetic predisposition, so if your parents suffered with acne, chances are that you will too!

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