1. Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
    2. Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
    3. Asbestos Contractor Tracking System
    4. Automated Computer Time Service
    5. African Centre for Technology Studies
    6. Advanced Civil Transport Simulator
    7. Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances
    8. Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication
    9. Activated clotting times - also ACT
    10. Adrenocortical tumours
    11. Accountability, Controllability and Traceability System
    12. Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
    13. Activated coagulation times - also ACT
    14. Adaptive Computerized Training System
    15. Adrenocortical tumors - also ACT
    16. Advance Communications Technology Satellite
    17. Acquisition Control and Tracking System
    18. Acute cervical trauma syndrome

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