1. Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
    2. Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies
    3. Condition Monitoring and Analysis Software System
    4. Computer alerted surveillance system
    5. Common Operational Modeling, Planning and Simulation Strategy
    6. Community Parents and Secondary Schools
    7. Computer-Aided Scheduling System
    8. Check Orientation Multi-Purpose Application Sort Station
    9. COMbined Performance And Safety System
    10. Communications Planning Assistant
    11. Community Partnerships for the Advancement of Science in the Schools
    12. Comprehensive on-line maintenance purchasing and store system
    13. Computer-Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System
    14. Computerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Structures
    15. Cooperative Observational and Modeling Project for the Analysis of Severe Storms

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