1. Check Processing Control System
    2. Common Part Convergence Sublayer
    3. Coast Phase Control System
    4. Common Par Convergence Sublayer
    5. Cabin Pressure Control System
    6. California Poison Control System
    7. Cardiac pacemaking and conduction system
    8. Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
    9. Choroid plexus cysts - also CPC
    10. Commerce Purchase Card System
    11. Compound parabolic collectors
    12. Cornerstone Prep Charter School
    13. Calcium phosphate cements - also CPC
    14. Call Processing Control System
    15. Choroid plexus carcinomas - also CPC
    16. Circulating progenitor cells - also CPC
    17. Common Program Control Station
    18. Condell Park Christian School
    19. Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

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