2. Contract Revision Number
    3. Course Reference Number
    4. Cancer Research Network
    5. Council for Responsible Nutrition
    6. Course Registration Number
    7. Carolina and Northwestern Railway
    8. Complement-requiring neutralizing
    9. Cornell Corrections, Inc.
    10. Cosmic Ray Nuclei
    11. Certified Registered Nurse
    12. Canadian Road Network
    13. Computer Reseller News
    14. Correct response negativity
    15. Creatinine - also creat, cr, Crea, CRE, Cn and CTN
    16. Norfolk Southern - also CG, CGA, CHW, CRCZ, CRMU, CRMZ, CRPU, CRQU, CRTZ, CRZ, ECRZ, ENSZ, INT, ITC, NKP, NW, PRR, SOU, VGN and WAB
    17. Crown - also Cr., C, Cr and CWN

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