1. Defense Supply Agency
    2. Digital Storage Architecture
    3. Directory System Agent
    4. Distributed System Architecture
    5. Digital Signature Algorithm - also DAS
    6. Digital subtraction angiography
    7. Dimensionally stable anode
    8. Division Support Area
    9. Data Service Adapter
    10. Data Set Adapter
    11. Debian Security Announcement
    12. Dial Service Assistance
    13. Distributed Systems Architecture
    14. Dynamic Scalable Architecture
    15. Data Systems Architecture
    16. Debian System Administration
    17. Doppler shift attenuation
    18. Dynamic simulated annealing
    19. Canadian Pacific Railway - also CASO, CPR, CP, CPAA, CPBU, CPBZ, CPI, CPPU, CPPZ, CPRS, CPRZ, CPT, DA, EN, MILW, MNS, NJ and SOO
    20. Soo Line - also CPBU and CPBZ

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