1. Periodic acid-phenylhydrazine-Schiff
    2. Periodic Armaments Planning System
    3. Phase-alternated pulse sequence
    4. Phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate
    5. Primary antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
    6. Primary APS
    7. Purple acid phosphatases
    8. Portable Ada Programming System
    9. Pooled Analytical Plotter System
    10. Phased Armaments Programming System - also PARS
    11. Pulmonary artery pressures - also PAP and PPA
    12. Power Acceleration Power Supply
    13. Primary antiphospholipid syndrome - also PAS and PAPLS
    14. Phased Armament Planning System
    15. Pulmonary arterial pressure - also PAP, Ppa, PA and P(pa)
    16. Propulsion associated parameter set
    17. Permissive arming and protection system

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