1. PRogrammed Integrated System Maintenance
    2. Power reactor inherently safe module
    3. Profile in semantics
    4. Polymer reference interaction site model
    5. Program for Information Storage and Management
    6. Partners in Research for Information Systems Management
    7. Passive Radar Identification System
    8. Paediatric Risk of Mortality
    9. Parallel Reduced Instruction Set Multiprocessing
    10. Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model
    11. Parameter-related internal standard method
    12. Pediatric risk of mortality
    13. Peace and Reconciliation Inter-Schools Movement
    14. Partnership for Research in Information Systems Management
    15. Parameterized Real-Time Ionospheric Specification Model
    16. Parallel Reduced Instruct Set Multiprocessing
    17. Pediatric risk of mortality score

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