1. Problem statement language
    2. Public Software Library
    3. Physical Sciences Laboratory
    4. Propulsion Systems Laboratory
    5. Physical Science Laboratory
    6. Parasternal line
    7. Parts Selection List
    8. Photostimulated luminescence
    9. Physics Soccer League
    10. Polystyrene latex
    11. Period of Study Leave
    12. Partial sciatic nerve ligation - also PSNL
    13. PD Service Lage
    14. Perpendicular to the Sun Line
    15. Physical Sciences Lab
    16. Pigmented skin lesions - also PSLs
    17. Plasma serine levels
    18. Prednisolone - also prdl, Pred, PRD, Pr, PD, PDN, PS, PRE, Pn, PL, PDS and PNL

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