1. Range-Only Radar
    2. Rotate Right - also RR
    3. Raffing Out Roud
    4. Rate of Return
    5. Radiological occurrence reporting
    6. Range Only Radar
    7. Reach Out and Read
    8. Release On Recognizance
    9. Republic of Rome
    10. Rapid Onset Rate
    11. IATA code for Babelthuap Airport, Koror, Palau
    12. Radius of rotation
    13. Receptor - also rc, RE, RP, Rec, RR, RTR, ret, rER and R
    14. Record Of Revision
    15. Repair Of Repairables
    16. Reporting odds ratio
    17. Resident but Ordinarily Resident
    18. Retinoic orphan receptors

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