1. Satellite Cost Reduction System
    2. Secure Command Operations Report and Exercise
    3. Service Corp of Retired Executives
    4. Service Corps of Retired Executives
    5. SIGINT Classification of Recognized Emitters
    6. Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation
    7. Security Consensus Operational Readiness Evaluation
    8. Special Claim On Residual Equity
    9. Selective Conversion and Retention Program
    10. Student Centered Options for Reading Excellence
    11. Short Course of Remedial English
    12. Signal Communications by Orbital Relay Equipment
    13. Student Course Online Registration Engine
    14. Signal Communications for Orbiting Relay Equipment
    15. South Carolina Off-Road Enthusiasts
    16. Standing Committee on Regulatory Effectiveness
    17. Student Competition on Relevant Engineering

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