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    %%Đồng Nai province is at the eastern approach to Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh. Its provincial city is Biên Hoà City. The Kinh people account for 82.8% of the total population. The remainder is made up of the ethnic minority groups (Tày, Khơ Mu, Nùng, Dao and Ma). The 100-km coastline in Đồng Nai constitutes natural reserves for different kinds of seafood. Besides, this coast is endowed with two beautiful beaches which attract many swimmers and holiday makers. Đồng Nai is also a major industrial complex with about 100 major plants and enterprises. It is easily accessible by land, river and sea routes. The provincial tourism company has already developed a new kind of tour by offering visitors boat cruises along the Đồng Nai River. Trị An Water Fall (8 metres high and 30 metres wide) offers a broad view of the magnificent natural surroundings. Trị An Hydro-Electric Plant is the biggest power plant in South-Vietnam. It provides sufficient electricity to Đồng Nai and several neighbouring provinces (including Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh). This area is reputed throughout the eastern part of South-Vietnam for its picturesque landscapes. Long An Lake can be compared to a miniature Hạ Long Bay in Tonkin Gulf. Being a man-made reservoir, Long An Lake remains a popular place for visitors. Bửu Long is a mountain peak accessible through a flight of 99 stone slabs. On top of the mountain peak is located a pagoda called Bửu Phong. The pagoda houses some wooden statues with carvings very typical of Oriental arts. Cát Tiên National Park is a primitive forest, a natural habitat and a diverse and rich bio mass. The forest is home to valuable and giant timber trees such as red wood and bang lang. It is also an ideal habitat for large wild animals such as elephants and rhinoceros. What attracts many archaeologists to the forest is that it still houses some valuable archaeological relics. Long Hải and Phước Hải Beaches are reputed not only for their long strips of white sand and gentle waves but also for special local seafood. Hàng Gòn ancient tomb is listed as a cultural relic itemized in the government protection list. The peculiar trait of the tomb is that it has been built with large flat slabs of stones. The tomb is regarded as a typical item of a motif called DOLMEN in Southeast Asia. Tân Triều Pomelo Village is reputed for its orchards of pomelos. This village is a very suitable destination for Saigonese to make some short excursions and picnics. In addition, Đồng Nai pottery products are among those much sought after in the domestic and foreign markets.

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